I’ve been neglecting everything book related…

Hi guys.

I’ve been away for a lot longer than I thought I would and that was not my intention at all. I wanted to take some time to focus on my school work- which I did- but I ended up not returning to my blog. The truth is I wasn’t feeling it anymore and I got so close to just turning my back on everything that was related to books. I mean I couldn’t even walk into a bookstore because I didn’t feel at home anymore. Walking into a library felt suffocating and I’d run out a few minutes later sans books.

The focus I put into my studies did me well where my assignments are concerned and as I’m writing this I’m supposed to be working on my last portfolio but as you know, procrastination is key. I just feel that if you have something on your mind it’s best to get it out before you lose track of what it was that you were going to say.

I still won’t be showing up much because my exams start at the beginning of October and I’m only finishing the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be back in November but I make no promises. I haven’t read anything this year but that can’t be helped. I had too much to do this year so that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. I bought Anna Karenina the other day after eyeing it for 2 years and I think that is what helped spark the interest for me again. I love books and I never want to step away from this love. We’ve been through a lot together.

I’m also working on unhauling some of my books and the total is just over 90 which broke my heart but I couldn’t hold onto those books anymore. I am working on getting more so that’s a good thing. I first need to get myself a bookshelf because as it stands I have nada. I finally found that comic book store I was looking for so I’m hoping my comic book collection will increase as well.

I take way too many hiatuses and I feel like I’m not serious enough where my blog is concerned but I know myself and I know that focusing on two major things (the blog and my studies) wouldn’t be good and I’d end up putting one before the other.

We’re almost there people. I have quite a few plans regarding the rest of the year and I’m hoping I can bring them all to fruition. *fingers crossed* I’ve missed writing and I can’t wait to get back to the blogosphere.

See you soon
Caron xx


Writing: An art or am I just going with the flow?

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

So here’s the thing: anybody can write. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it. Anyone can pick up a pen and write something down. Does that make them a writer? What exactly makes someone a writer? The answer: I don’t know.

I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old and I’ve been calling myself a writer since I handed in my first story to my third grade teacher. I got a high mark and lots of praise so I figured since I had the talent, I might as well continue. I moved on to poems but I realised that I don’t understand poems in general, making me not like them so I went back to writing whatever random story popped into my head.

Even though anyone can be a writer, there is a bit of talent behind it. Some skill even. It’s not necessary that whatever someone writes automatically becomes a bestseller but it can happen. I’ve seen people come from out of the blue and rise up like a friggin phoenix and impress so many people with their literary skills. I’m not sure if, at times, luck has anything to do with it.

With writing, what I used to do was have papers strewn all over the place. I’d use my mirror and my cupboard doors and dry-erase boards an jot down any idea that popped in my head. Now I have a specific book for that but it was nice to see my ideas from my head to any available surface. I don’t always think up a full plot before I start a story- that’s also a new thing I’ve been doing. The last NaNo I took part in was 2015 I think, and although I didn’t reach the goal, I did go about it a different way. I had a plot, a music playlist, random scenes thrown out on the page. It was great, and while that story still isn’t complete, I know what I wanted from it.

I don’t write as much as I used to and it saddens me because I’m ‘too busy’ with so many other things that I don’t allow my thoughts to process and let new ideas form. I have a few WIP that I want to get back to because I believe they have potential. There’s one that I’m leaving as is. I’m not interested in writing about that topic anymore so I’m just going to let it stand.

I don’t know where I was supposed to go with this post but this is what I came up with. Thanks for sticking around.

Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#1)

So this is replacing the Currently Reading segment. Since I’ve decided not to do the idiotic thing and read 15 books at one time, I’ll rather talk about what I did during the week instead.

For now this post will be reserved for Fridays but I’ll move them to Sundays in the distant future.

So here we go!

My Week and Happenings

To start off with, I’ve finished my first book of the year: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman. I finished another book as well: If This Is Home by Kristine Scarrow. Keep a lookout for reviews for both books.

I have yet to make any bookish purchases for this new year and I honestly don’t know whether to feel proud or ashamed. Proud because I have more than enough books on my TBR that I need to get to but ashamed because duh! Books.

I have this issue with stress in that I think too much which leads to overthinking which leads to me stressing. It gets really bad sometimes so I get headaches a lot and sometimes I just pass out over how tired I become. This is why I took that sudden break from blogging last August. To help with this problem, I’ve started colouring. Since they take quite a bit of time, it’s easy for me to get lost in it and not think about issues that I can’t even solve at the moment. It’s literally not in my hands. Pointless crying over spilled milk, yea?

See a few of my finished pages:

PicMonkey Image.jpg

I actually want to do some jigsaw puzzles but the area where I live only seem to have expensive puzzles. I’ll work with the colouring for now since it seems to be doing the trick.

I got bored, as I do, and decided to reorganise my bookshelves. Instead of separating the read and unread and have them in different shelves, I put them all back in my main shelf. It has doors on it so I feel it’s more protected from the sun and dust.

This is from when I was still in the process of it:


I might start writing again. I never had a muse to begin with then I made one up and it just ran away. I have so many ideas going through my head. It’s all about catching one and writing the words down. Not as easy as I originally thought. I want to finish some more stories this year and make some changes to my others. 22 year old Caron thinks and writes a lot differently than 16 year old Caron…maybe I should just let bygones be bygones and look to future writing. Let sleeping dogs lie and all that.

I went back on NetGalley and a whole can of worms was opened. I ended up requesting 3 more books…as if I don’t have a physical TBR to adhere to. I’m still excited though. One of them is a Non-Fiction book about celebrating libraries and librarians and since that’s my career path I’m really interested in what it contains.

Anyway, so that’s what my week was like. Pretty calm from what I’m usually used to. I think I prefer it this way. Less stress, less freaking out.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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Random Story Time: Authors Expanding Their Series

*This is an edited version of a post I posted to My Trending Stories.

I mentioned in my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review that I had a bone or two to pick with this book and some others and I’ve decided to address them.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany

So the world rejoiced when J.K. Rowling announced that the Harry Potter series was getting an 8th book. A glorious day for all Potterheads out there…or so you’d think. From the second the announcement was made, discussions were being made, arguments arose and well, everyone had an opinion. I myself found out about the book through Pottermore and I was honestly excited. Of course, many peoples’ excitement vanished once they found out that it was in fact a script of a play and not a novel. I didn’t mind, and I still don’t mind. I loved the book and I enjoyed it very much.

Bones ‘a picking… Yes well, it seems that quite a few people have a problem with this book and I won’t say that ‘they’re wrong’ or ‘how could they say that?’ because it’s not my place to judge and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. If they didn’t like the book, that’s their thing. My issue is that I saw the process from the announcement to the publication of this book and I read comments, discussions, heard people state their opinion and what I gathered was not something I was overly impressed by. It saddened me really to know that something that made so many people happy was surrounded by so much negativity (it’s like Stephenie Meyer’s Life and Death all over again but let’s not get into that).

I didn’t see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as a continuation of the Harry Potter series. It was a continuation of the Wizarding World (much like how Fantastic Beasts is a prequel of sorts to the Wizarding World we have grown to love)  and it’s my opinion that Harry Potter as a character had almost nothing to do with this book. To me, his name was on the cover as part of publicity and if that’s the case…then it’s cool. It got people interested. It got me interested and I fell in love with it.

The book will not read like a novel, because it is not one. It will not have any ‘world building’ because it’s a stage production and this is a script being read. The magic is supposed to be happening before our eyes, acted out and I for one am grateful that I was even given a chance to read the script as I probably won’t ever see the play.

See my review for The Cursed Child here.

  • Rick Riordan’s Novels on Mythology

Rick Riordan is an amazing writer and he could write a shopping list on toilet paper and I’d treat it like gold. For someone who didn’t want to read the Percy Jackson series at first, I have fallen madly in love with the characters and the universe itself. I’ve always been a big fan of any kind of mythology and one day when I have time I’ll sit down and go through all the books and theories.

The fact that Rick has different series that connect with each other and the Magnus Chase series kind of but not really mixing Greek/Roman Mythology and Norse Mythology. I find that so awesome. Don’t get me started on The Trials of Apollo. If you’ve met him in the Percy Jackson and HoO series’ you’d know you’d know that turning him mortal is like the biggest wtf to happen to him.

Rick’s interconnecting series is something I don’t mind because I love his writing so much and the way he makes you feel like you’re part of the story is something that I appreciate. Go ahead and continue writing! There’s always a willing reader.

  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Not too long ago, Cassandra Clare announced that she and Wesley Chu are writing a Magnus Bane Adult Trilogy and I was one of the people who squealed like a fangirl gone mad.

The Mortal Instruments is by far my favourite series and I want to live in that world and be everything…okay, most things: a Shadowhunter, a vampire, a warlock..and actual angel. If you’ve checked out Cassie Clare’s website then you know that she planned to write five series within the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I’ve already planned shelf space for these unpublished, unwritten books.

So far we have (That we know of):

  • The Mortal Instruments
  • The Infernal Devices
  • The Bane Chronicles
  • Tales from Shadowhunter Academy
  • Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices)
  • The Last Hours
  • The Magnus Bane Adult Trilogy.

Since the two companion novels- The Bane Chronicles and Tales from Shadowhunter Academy don’t really count, by my calculations we’re at five series. I’m honestly hoping that the Magnus Bane books were just an added bonus.

Since Cassie Clare is definitely one of my favourite authors, I don’t mind her continuing her works in this world- duh! I’ve enjoyed everything she- and her co-writers- have written so far and I’ll always be willing to read more.

  • ACOTAR and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Okay, so a few weeks ago the the internet (Twitter and Goodreads mainly) blew up with the news that Sarah J. Maas was expanding the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. It was originally supposed to be a trilogy but is now going to be a full series.

Two books, A Court of Thorns and Roses as well as A Court of Mist and Fury are already published and the third book is set to be released mid-2017.

I have only recently read ACOTAR but I’ve read the first three books as well as the companion of Throne of Glass and I greatly enjoyed it but I loved ACOTAR so much more. That was to be expected as The Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale.

It was a bit of a shock that 5 books were added to what was originally going to be a trilogy. Am I mad though? Nope, no, definitely not. I am beyond excited because with just one book I’ve grown to love the characters and the world.

Throne of Glass is already 4 books into its series along with a companion novel and the 5th book is coming out in September of this very year. I have no qualms about this because I like that series a lot- maybe not as much as ACOTAR but that’s neither here nor there.

It was announced that TOG will also be getting an expansion to the series, moving from 3 to 6 to 8 books in total. It’s announcements and times like these that I admire authors. They could stop, but will they? No, probably not.

My point to this whole post is that second last sentence in the last line. Emphasis on the ‘They could stop’ part. They could, yes. But that’s not our choice to make. A writer writes because it’s what they want to do and what they love. I think writing is a process that shouldn’t be fiddled with. ‘Let the chips fall where they may’. The writer of a work will know when it’s done. It’s their masterpiece in the making and I think they should be left to figure out when it’s time to put down the pencil.

That was my two cents on the whole expanding of series thing. Thanks for stopping by.

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Random Story Time: My Writing and Why I Will Probably Never Publish

I’ve been writing since I was 9 and I by no means think I’m an ‘expert’ at it. Writing is an art sure, but anyone can write. There are those that have the talent of the written word and those that you wish would never have picked up that pen.

I’ve said somewhere in another post that my first story spoke about abandonment and that was a tough subject for my age but I’ve always been fuelled by my emotions and tapping into how I’m feeling makes me a better writer. If I cry at an emotional scene in my story…I know I’ve done a good job.

I started posting my stories online at Wattpad when I was 16 and I was happy at the feedback I was getting. The more reads and comments I received, the more I would write. To me, no feedback is bad feedback. I’m lucky enough to not have gotten any hate comments but there was a case or two when something didn’t go the readers’ way or they stopped reading my stories because they didn’t like the outcome. I don’t mind and I take it all as constructive criticism.

I’ve been asked countless times if/when I’m going to publish my work. The answer is plain and simple: I’m not.

I don’t have to explain myself to anyone because it’s my work and my choice but I’m going to do it anyway for those in the back row who constantly refuse to accept it.

I write because I want to. It helps me get all those thoughts out and many a time I have put my personal situations in a story. Not always a good thing but whatever.

My stories are free to whomever wants to read them and that’s how I plan to keep them. I don’t write for money and I don’t want to make money off my writing. My writing is a hobby of sorts and I never want it to become a job.

People don’t understand and they keep telling me I have a talent and I should use it. Well I am. I’m using it to entertain others. I don’t need them to give out money to enjoy what I can offer them at no cost. I write good stories if I say so myself. I’ll toot my own horn because I can. I recognise that I have a talent but I’m in no way ‘wasting it’. As long as people keep reading my works and enjoy them then I’m happy.

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Writing Update

On Friday morning, I found myself unable to sleep as is normal for me when my head is filled with so many things, and I decided to sit at my desk and stare at what I had written for Forgotten Bliss so far.

At the time I was almost done with the story and only had two more scenes before it was complete but I had been struggling with a big scene for the better part of 2 months. I did what always helped me tap into my creative side and I picked up a pen instead of typing.

By doing that I managed to unblock my brain and I managed to write for 4 hours straight. In the end I had to stop because it was 8am and I had to prepare for the day. *Keep in mind that I hadn’t slept that night*

4 hours later I was back at my laptop, grinning like the cheshire cat and writing as if I had a mad man on my tail.

I am now proud to say that I have successfully completed Forgotten Bliss and posted all the remaining chapters to my Wattpad.


I felt so happy, I was on a writing high the entire day. I had made the decision long ago to finish my WIPs before I started/continued with my other ideas.

I am so proud of myself. I knew I’d end up finishing the story sooner or later because I had a clear view of where I wanted it to go.

I cried people! I cried while I wrote, I cried when the last chapter went up. I’d been writing this story since 2014 and it was long overdue. I read the comments of people asking me to update and see people reading the first story- Where My Heart Is- and hope that they’ll immediately so read the sequel.

One thing though: I won’t be writing a sequel for anything else anytime soon. This wasn’t easy. And let me tell you, writing about 18 year olds when you’re 16 is all fine and dandy…but writing about 28 year olds when you’re 21 is well…it’s weird. I feel like we’re on a different plain- so close yet so incredibly far. Thing is, the age wasn’t really the problem. It was the characters. In reality it had been 4-5 years since we had last seen them and my writing is very much that of a…well, a 16 year old. In the sequel I fast forwarded 9 years and so many things had changed.

One thing I made sure to do though was write the sequel in a way that it could be read as a stand alone. Ignoring the names, it could totally be a completely different story. What I wanted to show in this piece of work is how much I too changed as a writer. It’s been 5 years…I don’t write teenage drama anymore.

We’re moving forward, guys! I have so much to be happy for right now, and sure my happiness is all book-related but it doesn’t matter.

Thank you so much!


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Random Story Time: What Inspires Me. What Keeps Me Writing.

Okay, so first thing’s first. An explanation for the title of this post. The reason why the ‘Inspires Me’ part is separate from the ‘Keeps Me Writing’ part is because I don’t just write. I’ve been told I have a creative mind so I have things and ideas floating through all day and sometimes I choose to ignore it, sometimes I decide to do something about it.


When I was in 11th Grade I decided to drop maths because no matter what people say, you’re not actually going to need it later in life…depends on your occupation and such. Don’t make stupid decisions and drop a subject you actually need- kind of goes without saying. Anyway, I dropped out of math because I don’t like the subject, so why suffer but I continued with Accounting. Funny thing…it turned out that my Accounting and Math went hand in hand, so when I dropped Math, my grades for Accounting went so far under, not even Hades could catch it in the Underworld.

You must be wondering what Accounting and Math have to do with my writing. The answer: nothing. Think of it as a metaphor. I write, I love writing, but if I have no ideas in my natural writing life, my blog suffers because that means, badly written reviews, no RST (Random Story Time) and a blog that looks like it had the soul sucked out from it.

I don’t have any one thing that inspires me. I’ve always said that the world itself inspires me. I don’t have a muse- I’m starting to think that I need one- so whenever I get an idea, I immediately write it down. I don’t have that thing/person I look it and think ‘wow, I could write pages right now’. I’m the person that sleeps all day and stays up all night and listens to music because songs tell a story and maybe that can help me. I dream about what is and cannot be, I try to live in another world and I try to have my stories reflect that.


When I was younger, I feel like my stories came easily to me. Being a teenager sucked, so all I wanted to do was write my problems away. Now that I’m older, I still have problems but I don’t find myself wanting to write about them anymore. My earlier works had a lot of my true life in it and since I stopped doing that, it’s been slightly harder for me to find the words to convey my thoughts. I see the story in my head but I find it difficult to write it down. I’m now on that train that says ‘one word at a time’.

I think it was 2014 when I put a post up on Wattpad stating that I was taking a year long sabbatical. In that year, there would be no writing done and I’d focus on just living. That didn’t work out so well. A few months in, I started getting comments that I should update my stories. Tip: when taking a break, make sure all stories are complete, otherwise what’s the point? So, I resumed writing and that break never really happened. So in answer to what keeps me writing: You. My readers, my followers. Anyone that reads my stories and wants more. It has been like this since I started writing.

My first story went up and within a night it had received 100 reads. That was a lot for me especially since I had no one backing me up from the inside. That story now has over 200k reads. I’m not popular by any means and I won’t publish my stories- I’ll write a post about this one day- but the fact alone that I’m writing is worth the time and the headaches I get for overthinking.

Thank you for your support, dear readers. You have no idea how much I mean it when I say I appreciate it. Your comments give me hope and allow to continue wanting to make you happy.


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