RST: It’s Lord of Shadows Release Day!

Okay, so this RST is going to be slightly different from the others but not really. Who even cares, LORD OF SHADOWS COMES OUT TODAY!

Cassie Clare is my favourite author, this is no secret, and she could write a grocery list and I’d treat it like gold! I fell in love with TMI and TID from the moment I picked them up and my love for Cassie Clare as an author and a person has grown so much more over the years. She has written characters who have become a few of my favourite: Simon, Magnus, Alec and Isabelle and I cherish those moments I read about them.

When Lady Midnight came out last year I was there freaking out along with the rest of the fandom and it was a battle staying away from anything that could possibly be a spoiler to the book. Alas, I couldn’t read the book immediately because of my book buying ban and had to wait till the Shadowhunter Academy bind-up was released.

Fast forward a few months and I ended up buying both Lady Midnight and Shadowhunter Academy as Christmas gifts to myself. I waited until the new year to start them because of 2016 goals and whatnot.

Guys! I don’t even need to tell you because you already know, but the wait…omg the wait was frigging torture! Lady Midnight was so amazing and then I had to sit still and ‘patiently’ wait till LoS came out. Trust that I stayed away from those snippets Cassie Clare has been posting these last few weeks. I haven’t even read the first couple of chapters that she released a few days ago. I want to go into this book totally blind…except from what I know from Lady Midnight. I haven’t even read the synopsis.

A few weeks ago I got so pissed at the bookstore (not the people, at the actual bookstore) because ACOWAR wasn’t stocked the day it came out. As a joke, I decided to hop onto the bookstore’s website and lo and behold! There was LoS waiting to be added to my cart. I didn’t though because heaven knows how long delivery will take so I’m going to beg my dad to drive the half hour it will take to get me my precious.

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am. I’m literally putting all other books on hold (ahem, ACOWAR as well) so that I can start LoS the second I get it. I was in tears when I saw that it was after midnight and realised that today is the 23rd of May.

Speaking of, I was wondering what else happens today and in all my excitement for LoS, I totally forgot that today is my brother’s birthday. So uh, happy birthday, bro…but Lord of Shadows!

I’m trying to calm myself down because sleep must still happen but I honestly can’t. My eyes hurt so bad because I’ve been up all day but THE EXCITEMENT IS TOO REAL!

I’m going to leave now before this gets even crazier. The wait has been to d*mn long and I’ve only been waiting 5 months. I can’t.

Thanks for stopping by,
Caron xx

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RST: My Mom and JKR

Okay! Let’s get this show on the road. Now it’s no secret that I never read Harry Potter as a kid and I’m still not over it. Do you know how much better my life could’ve been if I was introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter at a younger age?

I’ll tell you how all this started. I read one book as a kid, one. Want to know what it was? My yellow children’s bible. I had two copies of it, one in English and another in Afrikaans. I was so dedicated to that book, I refused to even look at another book. The thing is, I didn’t grow up in a house where reading was a thing. My parents didn’t read me bedtime stories- I read them to myself (yellow bible come through). I went to the library every week but I can’t tell you what books I borrowed because I can’t remember.

I was about 10 when I was introduced to Harry Potter. Right in time for my Hogwarts letter to arrive. But I can’t talk about Harry Potter and the magical world with mentioning my mom. My mother, sweet woman that she is, gets a bit crazy whenever J.K. Rowling is mentioned. Like any excited kid, naturally I went to my mom when my eyes were opened to Harry Potter and you know what she said? ‘I don’t want you watching that witchcraft.” Witchcraft? Hell yea it’s witchcraft! Guys, she wouldn’t even let me watch those shows about magic tricks. I ignored her and thank God I did because my life without Harry Potter would’ve been like a life without happiness.

Image result for harry potter gifs

When it came time to my buy my first Harry Potter book- The Deathly Hallows- I’m telling you, a war broke out in my home. And here the worst part wasn’t that my mom was buying me a book filled with witchcraft, the book itself was hella expensive. I still have it though and I’ve read it thrice, so I don’t see the issue.

My mom’s the kind of person who wants to know what I’m reading and is very concerned because she knows that if you get too into something, it could take over you. She had absolutely no problem with Twilight and The Vampire Diaries but HP she has a problem with. Priorities, mother! When I explained to her that DH was the last and final book of the HP series and I just had to have it because the movie was going to come out in a year or two, the look on her face said it all…

Image result for witchcraft gifs

I got the book though so I think I won that battle.

Harry Potter marathons come on TV every couple of months and I always make sure I’m there to watch at least the first and last 2 movies. My mom always finds reasons to add in her own commentary. ‘I don’t like that woman.’ ‘How can someone write something like that? And for children no less.’ ‘She must be very evil to think of an idea like this.’ Yes! My mother called JKR evil. Who does that?

I got so defensive when she first started but now I laugh. I legit find it extremely funny that after all these years my mom still hasn’t let it go.

One thing’s for certain though, young or old, Harry Potter’s for everyone and if others can’t understand our love, that’s okay. At least we know the truth.

Related image

So there you have it. Just a little humorous post to put smiles on faces. My mom may have her set ideas on some things but I love her regardless.

Thanks for stopping by,
Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#15)

This week has been quite a busy one for me. It’s gotten to the point that a whole day has passed and I barely notice because I’m so focused on what I’m doing.

I started writing again. Okay, not completely but I’m getting there. I’ve been working on editing my stories on Wattpad. I find the situation I’m in hilarious and a bit ironic because my writing was so juvenile and if those were books I had to review I would’ve given up long ago. Then again, I count in the fact that I was 16 years old and knew nothing of the world. Hell, at 22 I still know nothing.

Image result for you know nothing gif

I keep adding things to my plate as if I have the time for it. When I’m going to learn, I’ll never know.

Posts that went up this week:

I’m still trying to schedule posts ahead of time but along with me actually needing to finish books so I can post reviews, I also need to have the willingness to write something. It’s times like these that I wonder where in heavens my muse disappeared to.

I listened to Everybody by Logic. It’s his new album that dropped last weekend and I’m in love with it! I don’t usually listen to music like that but the lyrics really drew me in.

I still haven’t started ACOWAR. I was so excited to get it and then I did and I was over the moon (lol I’m never going to get over this expression) but now I’m like: ‘eh, you can wait for a while’. I’m still eager to read it but I’m not going to stop everything just for that. As I said earlier, I have a schedule I need to get ahead of.

I found out the reason why I’ve been sleeping so much. I get these headaches that refuse to go away and whenever I’m lying down or even slouching, I end up almost falling asleep. I’m now sitting at my desk all day and only going to my bed when it’s time to call it a night. Only problem with this: my charger is by my bed and I don’t have a socket near my desk.

I think that’s about it for my week. I was mainly just thinking about writing and listening to music. Still turned out to be a productive though. That’s it for now.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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Stereotypes: Damsels in Distress vs. Guy in Distress

I’ve been thinking of doing this post for a while now. I first got the idea while I was reading Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer. I was thinking about how I liked that book so much more than the original and I wished that that was the story that was put out initially.

Damsel in Distress

A young woman in trouble.
"She makes a rather sweet damsel in distress."

In the original Twilight Bella was what we’d call a damsel in distress. This wouldn’t have been an issue if she wasn’t always in distress. She was known to be clumsy and a magnet for trouble but did this stop her from going out looking for danger? You guessed it, no it did not. What further cemented the idea of this post is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. As I read the book I thought: well here is a boy who notices a girl. She looks a little sad so clearly she must be a damsel in distress and needs to be saved immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that book, this was just an example.

I have no major issues with damsels in distress, sometimes it helps with a plot line. No, my deal is that it’s sometimes used as an excuse to show that the woman is weak. To make her seem mild and demure. There is no problem with being or looking weak exactly. If you haven’t got the strength, no need to force it but if a character doesn’t develop over time and continuously has to be saved by the supposed hero of the story then what are we even doing here?

A person can be strong from the get go and that’s awesome, a person can start off weak and grow over time. It’s just one of my peeves when absolutely no character development in the department of noticing one’s own strengths, standing up for yourself, or taking charge takes place.

Related image

I was posed with a question a little while ago asking who my favourite two male and female characters were and why. I could think of the males easily but I was having some difficulty with the female characters. This caused me to think about all the books I’ve read and which female characters I really liked and why.

Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments: starts out strong from the beginning of the series and is an all round BAMF! Sure she has her ‘weak’ moments here and there but who doesn’t? When she comes back, she’s all the more stronger.

Sara Crewe from A Little Princess: This little girl allows nothing to bring her down. Even though she’s going through one of the worst things imaginable, she still puts others before her. This is proof that the good you do for others comes back to you.

Feyre Archeron from A Court of Thorns and Roses: I never thought of Feyre as a meek character. She got swept away by love and a fantasy of a better life and she drew the short end of the stick. It took some encouraging and persuasion but she broke free and showed what she was really made of and seeing all this happen, her starting out as character with guts then being mentally and emotionally beaten down and ending up as this- as Lilly would say- BAWSE was the main reason why she’s my favourite female character.

Image result for damsels in distress gif

I don’t have many favourite female characters as yet but I’m getting somewhere. I take note each time I read and one day I hope to increase the number on this list.

Here’s where I start sounding…hypocritical? I don’t wanna say a bit ‘feminazi-ish’, seems too strong but Guys in Distress? I live for it.

I have to elaborate and explain what I mean. It’s the same with a female character: I prefer- expect actually- character development and I’m always bummed when that doesn’t happen.

As I was growing up, I was exposed to many ‘teachings’ about how the world is and how men and women are treated. You get the man of the house, the person who wears the pants in the relationship- if it’s not the man, he’s ridiculed. A girl shouldn’t go out late at night without a man there to protect her. It’s not safe for a girl to live alone because that automatically makes her a willing victim. I’m going to cuss in a second, it’s not something I do often especially not on my blog but I’m going to do it just this once- I think that fucking bullshit.

Image result for guy in distress gif

As soon as I realised that even though this was the way worked, my thinking didn’t have to reflect it. This is why I like it when men are sometimes portrayed as being in distress. I was taught that they’re supposed to be strong and to show no sign of weakness but I don’t believe that.

Asking for help is not being weak. Showing emotion is not being weak. Being human does not mean you’re weak. Cry your heart out if you want. Just make sure you keep yourself hydrated in the process.

.Image result for guy in distress gif

I find it an attractive trait when a guy can admit that he needs help. Show me you’re not a robot. When I read about guys like this in books, I admire them. Not everyone can admit that they need an extra hand, or that they’re lost…it takes courage me thinks.

I hope this post makes enough sense and that my mini rant in the middle didn’t take away from the enjoyment of reading. I’ll be seeing you, bye bye.

Thanks for stopping by,
Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#14)

This was a good week for me. Maybe not perfect but if I go looking out for perfect all the time, I’m going to miss the other good things that come my way. Also, I just hit 200 followers! Thank you so much!!!

Yesterday was Star Wars Day and I thought that I’d spend by day sleeping in between my Star Wars marathon. I ended up falling asleep halfway through Empire Strikes Back and that put an end to the marathon all together. My friend woke me up at 3pm and we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and I won’t spoil anything because that’s mean, but that movie was amazing! Marvel is really killing the game lately and I’m here for this party to be honest. I ended up wearing a Darth Vader t-shirt I bought at Comic Con last year. It says: ‘Your lack of retro-ness disturbs me’. There was absolutely zero representation for Star Wars Day and I was not impressed.

I decided to drag my friend to the bookstore to find out what the deal was with the late stocking of ACOWAR and lo and behold, all the staff were wearing a ‘May the Fourth be with you’ t-shirt. I literally yelled: Finally! People I can relate to.

Anyway, it turns out they had just gotten in their shipment of ACOWAR so I ended up squealing like a demented loon in the middle of the store. They also had Clockwork Angel in stock which was a surprise, since they usually only have Clockwork Prince. I ended up walking out a very happy bookworm. One thing I forgot to do was caress Lilly Singh’s book, but oh well.

Posts that went up this week:

I stopped believing in ‘lucky days’ and all that stuff because I have this whole opinion of it that I won’t get into here but I feel like yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a while. April was a great month for me, and May started out so good. I hope the rest of the month goes as great. *knock on wood*

When I posted a picture of my newly acquired book to Instagram, Lindsay Cummings (author of The Murder Complex series, The Balance Keepers series and Zenith- with Sasha Alsberg) liked and commented on my post! I’ve been a book reviewer for about 3 years now and I still get so excited every time I talk to an author. I honestly wish that this reaction never goes away one day because it’s pure excitement and I think that’s awesome.

I did not post a review yesterday because…I fell asleep before I finished the book (This is what a Librarian Looks Like) and as I said, I went out last night. I finished it this morning and I really liked it. I don’t know if I’d read it again but I definitely want to buy it so it can be on display in my library one day. I’m thinking of having a shelf dedicated to libraries and books that celebrate reading and books in general.

This post is just me going on about yesterday. If you knew me in real life you wouldn’t be surprised. I sleep way too much than is typically needed and when I am awake I’m either drinking tea or stressing about finishing a book instead of actually finishing the book.

What yesterday taught me is that even though you have work knocking you out from every side, sometimes it’s good to just step out of the ring and take a break. Forget all your worries and relax. I understand for some, this is not possible but every free moment you get…cherish it and make the most out of it.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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RST: Characters I Can’t Stand

*Just a note: These are characters I personally can’t stand. If any of these are your favourite, then by all means, you do you. I reserve the right to dislike what character crosses my path should I feel inclined. While I do not like the characters, I bear no ill will against the actors.

I started making a list a while ago jotting down the names of characters that I really don’t like and these are what I came up with…so far.

Now I know that every story requires a good villain (if it’s that kind of story) that will stick with you and make you despise them as much as the characters in the book do. After all, no one likes the person who’s always trying to kill the hero of the tale.

Of course, then you get these characters who you’d just want to upper cut and knock out with a chair or five because what even are you doing here? No one asked for you to show up.

Image result for umbridge

Take Delores Umbridge for example. When she first appeared my first thought was: ‘Wow, that’s a lot of pink.’ Then I’m sure my face showed my shock and disbelief at the fact that the ministry sent her? Like, excuse you lady, but we don’t need you. Go back to your cubicle.

There’s something to be said when the fandom hates this toad more than the actual villain. Thank the heavens for the Weasley twins. Also, slow effin’ clap to McGonagall for being such a BAMF! and standing up to Umbridge.

I won’t say that there was no reason for Umbridge to be a part of the series because I do think that each character -especially in the Harry Potter series- no matter how minor their role, played a part of the bigger picture. Will I ever end up liking this woman? Hell to the no. Sounds like there’s a ‘but’ coming on here, doesn’t it? No buts. I will never feel sorry for Umbridge.

Next up on the list, we have Thomas from The Maze Runner series. There was a time when I felt guilty about disliking characters from popular series but now, I don’t really care. If I don’t like a character because of one or the other reason, I’m not going to go out of my way to change that to suit other people’s desires. When I was younger my mom taught me not to call other people stupid because it’s mean and rude but Thomas…sweetie, you’re lacking a few brain cells there. He just seemed incredibly clueless and needed to be pushed in order to get a move one. He was slightly better in The Scorch Trials (only book I liked in the trilogy), but went back to his slow ways in The Death Cure.

I don’t like Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles simply because I think she’s a cruel and selfish b***h. When I read Fairest and got an idea of why she is the way she is, I didn’t feel sorry for her. Many a time I feel like saying she deserves everything that comes her way.

‘Mad’ Matt from The Enemy series. All the awesome people are dying…when is it this insane dude’s turn? I’ve been waiting since day 1 for him to be hit by flying debris or burned at the stake or anything that will just remove him. I love this series and I can even contend with ‘King’ David but this guy has just got to go.Image result for ramsay bolton

I have to be honest and say that before I had finished the current published novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series (books 1-5), Theon Greyjoy was on the list. I have watched the TV Series, but I also know that it differs quite a bit from the books. Once I got up to date though…Theon redeemed himself in my eyes and Ramsay ‘Snow’ Bolton became public enemy no.1. I have a few other characters that I despise in this series: Joffrey, Shae (how dare you break my dear Tyrion’s heart?), Tywin, Walder Frey…a few others here and there. Ramsay stands out for me though. He’s the epitome of Evil. Everything about him rubs me the wrong way. I’m all there with season 6’s ending. Books…hmm, we’ll see.

Sebastian Morgenstern is only on this list because at the beginning I really, really, REALLY didn’t like him. He’s one of those characters that make you want to fall to your knees and beg the gods to deliver you from this cursed monstrosity. I will say that while I despise Sebastian, Jonathan is a different matter all together. Poor kid never stood a chance.

I wanted to use an image from The Vampire Diaries TV Series but I decided not to because I only watched the first 10 minutes of episode 1 so that’d be unfair. Elena is a tough character for me to judge because throughout the book series she changes so much and has so many different versions, you get to see different sides of her, which I liked. Enter Elena from The Return: Midnight and things just fell apart for me. I found her to be very annoying and since she’s the MC I can’t just move on from her since the entire story is well, her’s. Take me back to Bonnie and Damon’s POVs when everything was awesome. Ironically, I haven’t given up on this series. I may have DNF’d this book 3 times but I will one day push through and conquer this novel.

I recently finished A Court of Mist and Fury and my decision that I made in the first book was even clearer once I completed the second. Tamlin of the Spring Court is my ultimate most despised character. At the beginning it was just a bit annoyance here, a tiny dislike there, come the second book and I’m begging for someone to throw him out a window. Nothing he says or does will ever make me like him. CONTROLLING PEOPLE IS NOT OKAY! PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTY!  I can’t with him, I’m sorry. I’m leaving before this becomes a full on hate rant.

Image result for bella swan

Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga. I don’t actually hate or despise her. I just find her annoying and whiny and all ‘woe is me’ and not a very strong representation of any character to be honest. She always had to be saved. And the worst thing is, she herself went out looking for dangerous situations. The fact that everyone just fawned over her as if she was something special didn’t help matters.

I mean, it’s kind of obvious. If you know you’re a magnet for trouble, stay out of it. Don’t date the vampire. Don’t go after the werewolf and try to make him your rebound.

Bella is just a very annoying character that I feel needs to be slapped a few times so that she can get a clue.

I swear, I’m not as violent as this post is making me seem.

As I mentioned at Umbridge’s part, sometimes a character’s part is crucial to the story and no matter how much you wish for them to reach a violent end, it won’t always happen. Something a reviewer on Goodreads said in one of her posts, and I’m paraphrasing here, is that the reason why we hate certain characters to the point of planning their untimely demises are because they are so well written and that the message and emotion the author wanted to send across was well received. That made me sit back and think for a moment that this person was right. And I’m not talking about badly written characters or those that annoy us. I’m talking about those that the author wanted us to despise. The Tamlin’s and Levana’s of the stories.

Again, if any of these are your favourite characters, that’s your thing. This is my thing. I actually had fun writing out this post. Let’s hope I don’t meet too many despicable characters in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.
Till next time,

Caron xx

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Confession: I Suck At Vocabulary

Sometimes I’m so proud of myself because when I was taught the letters of the alphabet and how to sound them out, I was pretty much set where reading was concerned. The first word I read was ‘Stop’ from The Oprah Magazine and so started my reading life.

I could now read my bedtime Bible stories on my own and looked for random words on the street to read out. My mom even sent me to aisles in the supermarket on my own to fetch certain items. I always had a problem with ‘sugar’ and ‘flour’.

I’ve been a dedicated bookworm for about 4 years now and I’ve read almost 400 books in this time. They range from Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Biography, Poetry, Comic Books and Graphic Novels and I like to think that I don’t have much of a problem with reading in general right now.

Thing is: I do. I talk a lot, may even too much but lately I’ve been stuttering more, mainly because some words are difficult for me to find or understand.

Image result for vocabulary gifs

I have a word I want to say but when I say it, it doesn’t fit in with the sentence. Even as I write blog posts, more often than not, I open up a thesaurus or dictionary because I need to confirm if a word I’m thinking of actually is what I think it is. Sometimes I can only remember the synonym and not the actual word.

Maybe this isn’t that big a deal to others, but it is to me. I used to talk extremely fast but I had to slow down because being around people all the time who’s first language isn’t English, I wanted them to understand me.

I don’t know if I dumbed myself down somewhere along the way by not reading more, not wanting to learn more, but something’s gotta give.

Image result for thinking gifs

I took a vocabulary test online a few months ago as a joke and according to that, my vocabulary is quite good. My memory sucks though, but tell me something I don’t already know.

I do think I’m getting better. I’ve started this thing where I look up a word on my dictionary app on my phone if I don’t know exactly what it means. And I’ve started telling people that I don’t know what they’re trying to say if they use an unfamiliar word. Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of English in 11th grade but there’s nothing I can do about that now.

Now that I’ve highlighted the problem, it’s easier for me to fix it. And this is fixable. The only issue my teachers said I had in class was ‘not paying attention’ and that hasn’t changed now. I have a very short attention span but I’ve managed to work around that. I can handle this vocab issue. I got this.

Thanks for stopping by,

Caron xx

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