RST: Reading A LOT Less Than I Used To

Imagine going from reading approximately 14 books per month to barely finishing one. I’m telling you, the struggle is too real. It’s time to face the facts; I’m simply not reading as much as I used to.

My love for reading is definitely still there but where I used to put books above all, I’m now putting other things first. Priorities and all that. Apparently life outside the blogosphere is a thing. Who knew?

Currently I’m reading like a million books and I can barely remember the page numbers I left off on. I’m getting into that mood where I’ll just put books on hold and come back to it when I know for sure that I can finish it. I’d rather do that than enter a reading slump because all readers know how uncool that is. You want to read but at the same time you can’t bring yourself to actually read anything and you just end up hating the story which is totally unfair.

My Read pile is bigger than my Unread but I’m starting to worry because with the way things are going, I’m going to have more of the latter than the former. Maybe I should just stop buying books in general…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as if that’s ever going to happen.

I wouldn’t mind reading less if it wasn’t for the fact that I want a functioning blog. My blog is not something for me to stress about, in fact it’s where I release my stress but the longer I take to read, the less reviews I can schedule beforehand. And that’s what the main issue is. This is why audiobooks are a gift. Listening to them in the car instead of the radio, chilling with it at night with all the lights off as you’re going to sleep, taking a morning jog and have the story play out in your ear.

These days when I finish a book that’s more than 200 pages I get so excited because it feels as if I completed a marathon. It has gotten to that point where reading a big book causes me to forget how to English. It might be a problem but I’m not going to make it one.

I like to get lost in the book I’m currently reading so with all the movement going on around me, it gets difficult to concentrate. Also, I look like a couch potato that has nothing worthwhile to do and that’s a no no in my house. These are the struggles of our lives hey. I have this grand idea of reading so much that I’m so far ahead with all my posts and I finally end up taking down that TBR but I have to be realistic and face the facts. That’s not going to happen any time soon. It’s a thing.

Anyway, another random post on another random day. Cheers and adios.

Thanks for stopping by
Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#17)

This week was an exciting and sort of eventful one. It started out normal enough but then Tuesday came and Lord of Shadows happened. This was the second time I got a book the day it was released, the other being The Cursed Child. I was so happy, I still am. I’m still reading the book, not that far in- it’s like 700 pages and I have other things to do as well- but I’m really liking it. I’m expecting the review to be up next week.

Posts that went up this week:

Peoples, I am still reading ACOWAR. I’m enjoying it, I am. The excitement’s kind of gone but the book’s not bad at all. As I said before, I have other things that require my attention as well. Judging the book only a 100 or so pages in, I can already tell that I liked ACOMAF more. I could be surprised though…there’s still just under 500 pages left.

I feel so happy when I walk into the bookstore and the staff just knows me. Almost all of them told me: ‘welcome back’. I was in my element. I didn’t stay there too long because I knew that I’d be tempted to buy more books and…please money.

That’s been my week for far. Not much happened, but the things that did happen were pretty big. Happy reading guys!

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#16)

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and a good day was had by all. Just kidding. A good day was had though. My mom worked that day so we picked her up from work and took her out to dinner. My sister made cinnamon rolls, which was cool. I swear, my obsession with those things are gonna kill me one day.

For the first time in a long time, I finished a review book days before the posting date. I was so proud of myself. Of course, I only wrote the review the day of but as I said in my review: I needed a few days to collect my thoughts.

I’ve been feeling so bad this past week but lately I’ve been motivated to work so I’m fighting through it. The editing of my stories are coming along nicely. I’m not even close to being done but I’m taking it one chapter at a time.

Posts that went up this week:

  • The Giver by Lois Lowry review
  • RST: My Mom and JKR
  • Sex Criminals Vol.2: Two Worlds, One Cop by Matt Fraction review
  • Time in a Bottle by Kathleen D. Tresemer review
  • Movie/TV Show vs. Book (#23)

I re-organised my bookshelves…yes, again. I loved the order it was in before (series on a separate shelf and the others sorted between Read and Unread in alphabetical order) but I want them all in the display cabinet where it’ll be safe from the dust. It’s summer now and the sun is so harsh. Gotta protect my babies.

I finally finished watching The Scorch Trials! One thing about me that not many people know: I will watch a movie over a span of days. I took about a month to watch The Scorch Trials. It’s not because I hate the movie I’m watching, it’s the 2 hours that I have to sit there and I can’t take it. I have a bit of a short attention span.

I just finished both the 2-hour Supernatural season finale and Grey’s Anatomy and people, I’m in a state of shock. Dare I say it. I am shook. My heart has been ripped out of my chest and been thrown to the wolves. Not so much for Grey’s but eh. It’s good that The Flash season finale wasn’t this week. I’d have been six feet under by now.

I’m currently playing a game of Review Roulette. I’m reading both The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom and ACOWAR by SJM. Whichever I finish first will be Monday’s review. I know The Time Keeper is pretty tiny but it has that small book, short chapter thing going on and it annoys me.

I’ll now go and either catch up on my other shows or read a bit. We’ll see how the day goes.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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RST: My Mom and JKR

Okay! Let’s get this show on the road. Now it’s no secret that I never read Harry Potter as a kid and I’m still not over it. Do you know how much better my life could’ve been if I was introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter at a younger age?

I’ll tell you how all this started. I read one book as a kid, one. Want to know what it was? My yellow children’s bible. I had two copies of it, one in English and another in Afrikaans. I was so dedicated to that book, I refused to even look at another book. The thing is, I didn’t grow up in a house where reading was a thing. My parents didn’t read me bedtime stories- I read them to myself (yellow bible come through). I went to the library every week but I can’t tell you what books I borrowed because I can’t remember.

I was about 10 when I was introduced to Harry Potter. Right in time for my Hogwarts letter to arrive. But I can’t talk about Harry Potter and the magical world with mentioning my mom. My mother, sweet woman that she is, gets a bit crazy whenever J.K. Rowling is mentioned. Like any excited kid, naturally I went to my mom when my eyes were opened to Harry Potter and you know what she said? ‘I don’t want you watching that witchcraft.” Witchcraft? Hell yea it’s witchcraft! Guys, she wouldn’t even let me watch those shows about magic tricks. I ignored her and thank God I did because my life without Harry Potter would’ve been like a life without happiness.

Image result for harry potter gifs

When it came time to my buy my first Harry Potter book- The Deathly Hallows- I’m telling you, a war broke out in my home. And here the worst part wasn’t that my mom was buying me a book filled with witchcraft, the book itself was hella expensive. I still have it though and I’ve read it thrice, so I don’t see the issue.

My mom’s the kind of person who wants to know what I’m reading and is very concerned because she knows that if you get too into something, it could take over you. She had absolutely no problem with Twilight and The Vampire Diaries but HP she has a problem with. Priorities, mother! When I explained to her that DH was the last and final book of the HP series and I just had to have it because the movie was going to come out in a year or two, the look on her face said it all…

Image result for witchcraft gifs

I got the book though so I think I won that battle.

Harry Potter marathons come on TV every couple of months and I always make sure I’m there to watch at least the first and last 2 movies. My mom always finds reasons to add in her own commentary. ‘I don’t like that woman.’ ‘How can someone write something like that? And for children no less.’ ‘She must be very evil to think of an idea like this.’ Yes! My mother called JKR evil. Who does that?

I got so defensive when she first started but now I laugh. I legit find it extremely funny that after all these years my mom still hasn’t let it go.

One thing’s for certain though, young or old, Harry Potter’s for everyone and if others can’t understand our love, that’s okay. At least we know the truth.

Related image

So there you have it. Just a little humorous post to put smiles on faces. My mom may have her set ideas on some things but I love her regardless.

Thanks for stopping by,
Caron xx

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My Week and Happenings (#15)

This week has been quite a busy one for me. It’s gotten to the point that a whole day has passed and I barely notice because I’m so focused on what I’m doing.

I started writing again. Okay, not completely but I’m getting there. I’ve been working on editing my stories on Wattpad. I find the situation I’m in hilarious and a bit ironic because my writing was so juvenile and if those were books I had to review I would’ve given up long ago. Then again, I count in the fact that I was 16 years old and knew nothing of the world. Hell, at 22 I still know nothing.

Image result for you know nothing gif

I keep adding things to my plate as if I have the time for it. When I’m going to learn, I’ll never know.

Posts that went up this week:

I’m still trying to schedule posts ahead of time but along with me actually needing to finish books so I can post reviews, I also need to have the willingness to write something. It’s times like these that I wonder where in heavens my muse disappeared to.

I listened to Everybody by Logic. It’s his new album that dropped last weekend and I’m in love with it! I don’t usually listen to music like that but the lyrics really drew me in.

I still haven’t started ACOWAR. I was so excited to get it and then I did and I was over the moon (lol I’m never going to get over this expression) but now I’m like: ‘eh, you can wait for a while’. I’m still eager to read it but I’m not going to stop everything just for that. As I said earlier, I have a schedule I need to get ahead of.

I found out the reason why I’ve been sleeping so much. I get these headaches that refuse to go away and whenever I’m lying down or even slouching, I end up almost falling asleep. I’m now sitting at my desk all day and only going to my bed when it’s time to call it a night. Only problem with this: my charger is by my bed and I don’t have a socket near my desk.

I think that’s about it for my week. I was mainly just thinking about writing and listening to music. Still turned out to be a productive though. That’s it for now.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to James over at this-is-my-truth-now for nominating me for this award. I’ve been seeing this one go around and I’ve been waiting for the day I was nominated so thank you, James! To new friends and the epic journey of finding new cool and interesting things. Onward we go!











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  • I haven’t stepped foot in a library in 10 years.
  • My voice gets high pitched when I’m really excited.
  • I prefer Classic Rock music over other genres
  • I have a fear of heights and flying.
  • I dabble with the piano a bit.
  • I’m 22 and I still have a ‘blanky’ from the time I was 12. It’s Winnie the Pooh themed.
  • I don’t read/watch anything horror related because I believe in ghosts and me being very spiritual, I’m always afraid it’ll attract unwanted spirits.




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My Week and Happenings #12

Easter was a dull day for me. I’m not all that festive so I don’t go crazy on religious days but I am quite spiritual. So while I may look like someone killed my pet on the outside, I keep in mind what these days really mean. My dad got me some Smarties eggs and I finished that. My big egg is still chilling in my room (I’m not really a fan of chocolate so I take forever to finish them)

The first episode of Doctor Who series 10 was amazing! I didn’t think I was going to like it but I was surprised. I have a feeling this season is going to be so great that by the time Peter Capaldi has his last episode, I’m going to be crying.

I restarted Drake & Josh because I’ve been seeing Josh Peck in David’s vlogs and I wanted to go back to my childhood. It’s so corny but ridiculously funny. I forgot how awesome this show is! Speaking of childhoods, I restarted Kim Possible as well. It’s throwback season for me.

Posts that went up this week:

If there was a prize for procrastination, I’d win first place. A review of a different book was supposed to go up yesterday but I didn’t finish it in time so I had to switch it with City of Bones. The rest of my weekend is going to be focused on finishing that and another ARC that the review of should be up by Tuesday. Speaking of, next week’s RST will be posted on Thursday because the author of the ARC I’ll be reviewing kindly requested that the review go up on the 25th- Tuesday.

Summer has arrived and I’m not liking it at all. I prefer warmer days over the cold ones but I’m more of a Spring/Autumn person. I’m trying to live through 38°C and it’s not fun. This heat is making me even lazier than usual and I have no motivation to do anything. I’ve resorted to keeping my A/C on and freezing since I seem to get things done even though it feels like all my joints are locking up. That’s what blankets are for, I guess.

I remember the days I had a car to drive and I took it for granted and now I have no car so I can’t go to the bookstore and buy Clockwork Angel…maybe Clockwork Princess too. If I’m lucky, The Shadowhunter’s Codex. The local bookstore finally has How to be a Bawse in stock but I still can’t get it because of reasons.

On hope, I stopped believing in it altogether. I believe that hope leads to expectations and expectations lead to disappointment and I’m not about that. So I’ll rather just not believe in hope. It sounds dumb but I’m sick of getting my hopes crushed constantly so I’ll just believe in the Will of God, since I’ve been doing that for years anyway.

That’s all from me for this week, folks. I’ll see about getting back to reading…maybe type out that review for that one comic and my next Movie vs. Book post. Busy, busy, busy.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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