Rating System

*Updated 20 March 2017

Just some details about the rating. In regards to my reviews please refer to my Review Policy

Note: Sometimes I’ll DNF a book that I rated more than 1✮. I’ll have my reasons and will explain what they were in the DNF Section. I do not review books that I have DNF’d.

✮ – I couldn’t stand it. At all. Will not purchase if it was a review copy. Might not recommend to others. Sometimes I mark these books as DNF.

✮✮ – I didn’t like it. Will not re-read or start again unless otherwise stated.

✮✮✮ – It was okay. I liked it but was annoyed by certain aspects and felt that more could’ve been added (or too much was added). Too much plot, too little action and vice versa.

✮✮✮✮ – I loved it mostly but was annoyed at something so I docked a point.

Most of my reads are either 3✮ or 4✮.

✮✮✮✮✮ – WENT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY FOR THIS STORY AND COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN! (Not always, sometimes I take days to finish a book – weeks at times) I RECOMMEND THIS TO THE ENTIRE PLANET.

New rating system effective from 25 September 2015.