Book Review: Adventure Time: Candy Capers by Yuko Ota

Adventure Time: Candy CapersGoodreads Synopsis

An all-new stand-alone ADVENTURE TIME story featuring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun!

FINN AND JAKE ARE MISSING?! Don’t worry Candy Kingdom, Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun will… protect… you? This is a mini-series you definitely don’t want to miss, with talent of Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya of JOHNNY WANDER writing our candied heroes and Ian McGinty of UGLY DOLL on art, there is nothing that can go wrong!

Finn and Jake are missing and obviously that’s a big problem because who will protect The Land of Ooo? Enter Peppermint Butler who believes he’s the man for the job. Translation: Peppermint Butler loses his marbles. Yea, I’d be terrified too.

Straight off the bat I’ll say that the artwork was amazing! It was right there in my face and I actually had to back up a bit because of how vivid it was. The detail was amazing, the colours were excellent. It was all just perfection.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.27.52 AM Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.28.05 AM

I mean, look at that! I had to spare a moment to take it all in because hot d*mn, dude’s talented. I could stare at it all day. I love it that much.

I’ve only read one other Adventure Time comic (Banana Guard Academy review) and I already like the fact that these comics are written by different authors. It brings something new to the table, which is different yet good. I don’t know if these characters are true to the story because I’ve only watched a handful of Adventure Time episode and that’s not really enough for me to judge. I did like how the characters were portrayed here because I don’t think that the story’s supposed to be serious, I laughed way too much for that anyway. I was introduced to Marceline in this book and my word, I love her! She’s so awesome. I’m going to need more comics with her in it.

Anyway, Finn and Jake are missing and Peppermint Butler is busy going mad because maybe it’s not so easy being the protector and having things go wrong left, right and center. My commentary is written down in my review book and I’m even laughing at it now. My thoughts throughout this entire book was that Peppermint Butler was either, going mad, out of it, or totally insane. I thought that he needed a vacation and if he was hungry, someone should’ve given him a Snickers.

This entire book was filled with humour…and a few questionable subjects. Where was Finn and Jake the entire time, you ask? It’d honestly ruin the punchline and the sight of Peppermint Butler’s tumble down the hill if I told you.

I recommend this comic to everyone and their pet. The mix of Ota and Panagariya’s writing with McGinty’s artwork was one of the best pieces of work I’ve seen in a while. Loved every moment and every page.

Read: 27 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 13 May 2014
Publisher: KaBOOM!
Writer: Yuko Ota | Ananth Panagariya
Illustrator: Ian McGinty

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Source: Images taken from the digital comic book.

Book Review: Sex Criminals Vol.2: Two Worlds, One Cop by Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals, Vol. 2: Two Worlds, One CopGoodreads Synopsis

The second storyline from the Eisner Award winning Sex Criminals finds the honeymoon to be over for Jon and Suzie. Once the thrill of new lust fades, where do you go? Come along and laff and love with Matt and Chip as they brimp back ceaselessly against the past.

Collecting: Sex Criminals 6-10

Recap: Back in Volume 1, Suzie discovered that time stops whenever she orgasms. She thought she was alone until she met Jon. Turns out she wasn’t so alone after all. Because Suzie wanted to save the library, she and Jon concocted this scheme that wasn’t exactly legal- not legal at all actually- and that’s how they became literal sex criminals. See my review for Sex Criminals Vol. 1 here.

All caught up? Good. In Volume 2, Suzie and Jon have given up their illegal activities and work on finding ways to save the library without risking too much. Of course Kegelface won’t let them live their lives.

What’s different about this volume is that we look more into Jon’s life and see things from his perspective. He’s talked about his life a little in the first volume but seeing it from his POV…dude’s got a lot going on. We touch upon his mental illnesses and see how troubled he actually is. It’s actually kind of sad, all the things he has to go through and still seem like the one who brings the humour to the comic. It just goes to show how we don’t know what goes on in other people’s heads. We see what we choose to see.

The honeymoon phase is over and it’s time for Jon and Suzie to pull up their socks and face reality. With the Sex Police alway at the back of their minds, it seems that they can’t get a moment’s peace. Drastic measures have to be taken so that they don’t end up drawing the short straw.

As the story winds on, the POVs in the issues mold together and become one. Although I did like Jon’s POV more than I did Suzie’s. I liked this volume a lot more than the first one and I have no doubt in Matt Fraction’s writing so I definitely enjoyed the story as a whole.

Series were revealed and a new can of worms has been opened. We were left on a major cliffhanger at the end of this book and I need to know what happens next. Too much happened in this volume and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I’m itching to start Volume 3 as soon as possible.

Read: 27 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 25 February 2015
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Matt Fraction
Illustrator: Chip Zdarsky

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Book Review: The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol.1: Cho Time by Greg Pak

The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho TimeGoodreads Synopsis

There’s a brand-new Hulk in town, and his name is Amadeus Cho!
Get ready for gamma-fueled entertainment as the kid genius decides he’s gonna be the best Hulk ever -and just possibly brings the entire world crashing down into chaos! Cho is taking on the biggest monsters in the Marvel Universe, but can he handle the danger posed by Lady Hellbender? What will She-Hulk and Spider-Man make of this very different Green Goliath? And what exactly happened to Bruce Banner? With monster mayhem in the Mighty Marvel Manner, all from the wild and crazy minds of Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak and superstar artist Frank Cho, this is better than incredible, it’s totally awesome! Plus: Amazing Science during Secret Wars featuring the Amadeus Cho of Battleworld!

Collecting: The Totally Awesome Hulk 1-6, & material from Planet Hulk 1

I’ve been eager to read this comic ever since I read Champions #1 a couple of months ago. I’ve only ever fully invested in Bruce Banner’s Hulk but I decided to branch out a bit and see what other Hulk’s have in store.

Amadeus Cho is The Totally Awesome Hulk, the New Hulk and he cannot stress this enough. He’s constantly being compared to Banner and this is not something he likes. It’s one of the things that can easily make him Hulk out.

Apart from monsters appearing here and there and Amadeus along with his genius sister Maddy acting as mission control fighting and capturing monsters, we barely scratch the surface where the true plot is concerned. When I first started reading, my opinion of Amadeus was pretty much set. He’s a kid so naturally, he acts like one. He may be a genius but no one said he can’t act his age. As I continued through the issues, I realised that he’s holding so much in and battling with him being the Hulk, not the Hulk being him. I couldn’t help but compare him to Banner at this moment because Banner lost control and when he transformed into the Hulk, there was only one person behind the wheel…and it wasn’t him.

I don’t know if She-Hulk and Spider-Man will be in the remainder of the series but for me it felt like they were here to boost the views. I don’t mind because I like She-Hulk and I love all versions of Spider-Man especially when he brings in that awesome humour of his.

At this moment, I feel like this story could go anywhere and I’m trying so hard not to play guessing games because I want to be totally surprised. I really think that Greg Pak did an amazing job with the writing and it was definitely fun and entertaining.

Would it be weird if I said that the artwork had an almost modern feel to it? I haven’t read many Marvel comics before and I know each artist has their own technique but the vibe in this comic felt younger. Weird, I know. I can’t explain it, but there’s this ‘new’ feeling to it. I think it fits though since Amadeus Cho is the new Hulk.

I’m definitely interest in seeing where this story goes and seeing if Amadeus manages to stay in the driving seat.

Read: 17 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 26 July 2016
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Greg Pak
Illustrator: Frank Cho | Mike Choi | Takeshi Miyazawa | Sonia Oback | Frank Martin | Andrew Crossley | Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Cory Petit | Travis Lanham

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Book Review: Godshaper #1 by Simon Spurrier

Godshaper #1Goodreads Synopsis

Written by Eisner Award-nominated writer Simon Spurrier (The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and illustrated by breakout talent Jonas Goonface, Godshaper introduces a vast world where there’s a god for every person and a person for every god…though for Ennay, unfortunately exceptions may apply. People like him are Godshapers, godless social pariahs with the ability to mold and shape the gods of others. Paired with Bud, an off-kilter but affectionate god without a human, the two travel from town to town looking for shelter, a hot meal, and the next paying rock ‘n’ roll gig

This comic tells us a story where the world is so much different than we know but at the same time I feel like it could just as easily relate to the world we’re currently living in.

In this comic there is a god for every person and a person for every god. Of course you get the exceptions and those few who are raised without a god are called ‘godshapers’.

We follow musician Ennay- a godshaper- and Bud- a god without a human. Together they go from town to town standing out while also trying to fit in. Even though shapers were raised without gods and belief, they were given a fit: they can mold and shape godflesh. While Ennay uses this ability to keep customers busy, Bud scavenges for food and useful items nearby.

“You know what it is to be a shaper–really? Everyone needs ya, nobody wants ya.”

I like the idea of this comic and it seems like it’s going to go far. The writing was awesome and fast-paced and the artwork was amazing!

I can’t wait to continue this comic. I’m definitely intrigued and have high hopes for the continuation.

Read: 18 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 12 April 2017
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Illustrator: Jonas Goonface

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Book Review: The Flash Vol.1: Lightning Strikes Twice by Joshua Williamson

The Flash, Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice

Goodreads Synopsis

A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

A new storm brews over Central City and disproves the old adage about lightning never, well…you know. Just as Barry begins to feel overwhelmed fighting crime, a new speedster debuts–but just where did this amazing new friend come from? Spinning directly out of the epic events of DC Universe: Rebirth, the Fastest Man Alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads–and reeling from the reemergence of his protegee, Wally West!

From up and coming writer Joshua Williamson (Illuminati, Red Skull) and illustrator Carmine Di Giandomenico comes The Flash, Vol. 1: Lightening Strikes Twice!

Collecting: The Flash: Rebirth, 1-8

After Wally gets pulled out of the Speed Force by Barry, he goes off to join the Titans, leaving Barry once again without a partner. While battling to be in two places at once, Barry struggles to prioritise being The Flash, his work, and his personal life.

We all know how the saying goes, Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but in Central City’s case…it [technically] strikes thrice. Because of a freak Speed Force storm, a new speedster emerges basically making all Barry’s wishes come true because even though he is the fastest man alive, the one thing he never had was enough time.

As the story progresses, Barry thinks things are easier for him but there’s a new villainous speedster on the horizon, and he calls himself Godspeed.

I’ve only read two other works by Joshua Williamson but I can already tell that he’s becoming one of my favourite comic book writers. His work is amazing and fast-paced and I always find myself hooked from the very first page. The combination of Williamson’s writing and Di Giandomenico’s artwork puts together a beautiful piece of reading material that I can’t help but be amazed by.

I feel like many comics start getting cliche after a while and maybe this was too at certain points but I allowed myself not to see the obvious because I wanted to be shocked when it came to the end. Being introduced to comic book Flash through Williamson’s work and being able to feel for him as a character and connect with him would probably make it difficult for me to read another writer’s version of The Flash, and I have no problem with that at all.

I really enjoyed reading this comic and I flew through it pretty quickly. As I said, both the writing and the artwork were amazing and I liked where the plot was taking us. I’m definitely eager to continue this series as much was left to be discussed at the end of this volume.

Read: 17 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 24 January 2017
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Illustrator: Carmine Di Giandomenico

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Book Review: Spider-Gwen Vol.0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted?

Goodreads Synopsis


IN ONE UNIVERSE, it wasn’t Peter Parker who was bitten by the radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacy! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car … just don’t tell her father, the police chief. Now, in the wake of Spider-Verse, Gwen swings into her own solo adventures! And she soon finds herself between a rock and a hard place when the Vulture attacks, and NYPD Lieutenant Frank Castle sets his sights on bringing her down. Then, still haunted by Peter’s death, Gwen visits his only family: Ben and May Parker. But what really happened the day Peter died? Find out right here as the spectacular Spider-Gwen steals not only the spotlight, but also the hearts of comic fans worldwide!


First off, I must say that I probably should’ve read Spider-Verse first before starting this series. I didn’t miss out on too much but I do think some further insight would’ve helped things in the beginning make sense.

I’ve never read any Spider-Woman comic before and who better to start with than Gwen, since I’ve always liked her. My sister has already delved into this particular universe and made me curious so I thought I’d check it out myself. Not much goes on in this volume, if I’m being honest. This wasn’t an introduction of any characters, but merely a continuation of a story that’s already been outlined. It wasn’t difficult to catch up and the fact that I was joining in mid-‘verse didn’t take away from the enjoyment.

There are quite a few parallels in this ‘verse which I thought was a welcome change. Sometimes we’re presented with the same characters doing the same things, and while I like that ‘routine’ sense of things, switching things up a bit is always awesome.

There were a few minor villains that appeared that I’ve never really cared about so I was waiting for the big shoe to drop. And drop it did. One thing to note is that there is always a bigger shoe. This is when I started being a bit creeped out because characters that I’d already become accustomed to being a certain way were these opposites that I now had to get used to. I feel like with these multiple universes, anything is possible so the story can literally go any direction.

While I was reading, I thought about how in many comics there are your bad guys and your good guys and it’s usually a solid black and white, no grey area. I was wondering if it had to be either or. Where was the in between? As we neared the end, one of the characters brought this up (inception!) and said that everything is in fact not black and white and eyes needed to be opened to see the bigger picture. Dude’s not wrong.

I did enjoy reading this volume and I very much hope to continue this series and see what else Latour has in store for us.

Read: 9 April 2017
Rating: ★★★.5

Publication Date: 17 November 2015
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Jason Latour
Illustrator: Robbi Rodriguez

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Book Review: Revival Vol.2: Live Like You Mean It by Tim Seeley

Revival, Vol. 2: Live Like You Mean It

Goodreads Synopsis

For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now, the living and the recently-returned struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy, amidst political and religious conflicts.

Collects REVIVAL #6-11.


I think it’s safe to say, right off the bat, that Vol.2 was so much better than Vol.1.

Not much went on in the first volume so there wasn’t much to say. It felt more like an introduction of characters and this volume expanded on them as well as on the story. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t remember much from the first one and as I read more of Vol.2, more images came to mind.

There’s not much to say about the artwork that I haven’t said before. Since it was done by the same artist, my opinion is still the same. It’s really excellent work and I had a fun time admiring the pictures. I feel like I went through this comic a lot quicker (I didn’t) than I did the first one and I would’ve probably finished it on the same day if I didn’t get distracted. Back to the artwork, I really love how much detail was put in. This is a zombie-esque comic so one can expect there to be lots of dismembered body parts and occasional shooting and these scenes were so beautifully drawn, it’s hard to turn away from.

There was something different about this volume. I’m not exactly sure what it was but I felt more drawn in and I’m very eager to continue this series. I found myself getting annoyed at the smallest thing that distracted me because I felt that it took away from the enjoyment.

By the end of this volume, I found myself not really liking Dana. I was okay with her in volume 1 but something shifted for me in this one that I don’t much care for her. I definitely prefer Em and find that there are a lot of places where this can go with her. She doesn’t share much and seems pretty quiet most of the time but when she releases all that pent up energy…it’s a sight to see.

I like how with the way Seeley wrote this is that even though a character seems minor for the moment, they will show up again. Maybe something small they did that you didn’t think was too important ended up being part of something bigger later on.

I’m definitely addicted to this series now. Hopefully I can next the next volume ASAP.

See my review of Revival Vol.1 here.

Read: 5 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 17 July 2013
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Tim Seeley
Illustrator: Mike Norton

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