RST: Fandom Related Dreams

This post is a little different…it’s still book related, kind of, but I was talking to my mom a while ago about this weird dream I’d had and I thought of the idea of posting about it since most of them involve characters that I’d either read about or seen through TV and/or movie adaptations.

For many of us sleep is a gift that should be eternally treasured, so when that wretched alarm blares at an ungodly hour, all we want to do is hit the snooze button two or ten times.

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I don’t know the exact mechanics behind dreaming but I’ve heard that it has a lot to do with our subconscious. For some, if they keep thinking about something or may have had a very important subject on their mind just before they fell asleep, it’s possible that they could end up dreaming about it. Some say that our dreams are our subconscious’ way of showing us what we really want.

I believe that dreams are very powerful and me being a very spiritual person, I believe that it often holds messages even if we don’t know it at the time. I dreamt of my granddad and uncle’s deaths just before they passed away and for years I felt guilty about the dream regarding my granddad’s death because why didn’t I say anything? I could’ve spoken to him more. But I’ve moved on from that and I’ve made my peace. Anyway, we’re not here about those kinds of dreams. We’re all about the books and my…weirder dreams.

I’ve never experienced a lucid dream before and I don’t think I’d actually want to. I don’t really like dreaming at all. Sleep is when my brain is supposed to rest -trust me, it needs resting since I’m always thinking overtime -and by entering that REM stage and having the possibility of dreaming means that my brain is still very active. Maybe this is not the way that it actually works (REM is supposed to be important and good for you?) but whenever I dream, I always feel so crappy when I wake up. I feel as if I hadn’t slept at all. By saying that, I definitely prefer not to dream. In any case, my dreams are always weird and I wake up thinking: ‘WTF?’.

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Since I’ve dragged you around the bush a few too many times, let’s get on with the actual point of this post shall we?

As yes, fandom related dreams. I haven’t had too many but I am keeping track of them because it’s like a little game I play…with myself, in my sleep. Hmm, that might be a little sad. I’ve had dreams about Hannibal, The Hobbit, one character in Harry Potter, The Doctor and Misha. I have to be honest with you and say that I was waiting for Misha’s dream ever since I realised that I’ve been having these kinds of dreams.

I can’t remember if it was the first or second season of Hannibal when I had the dream. I’m pretty sure it’s the first though. The Hannigram ship was just setting sail and Tumblr was going crazy and all the fans were reading into every little thing -yes, me too- so naturally I’d dream about this. I can’t remember exactly what happened but Hannibal was chasing Will all over town and Will just did not want to be captured and refused to be Hannibal’s play thing and knowing Hannibal’s tagline -‘Eat the rude’- that didn’t end up every well for him. Skip this if you get creeped out by slightly gory things. Hannibal got angry and ended up finding Will and cutting him up and Will’s bloody severed foot was left in the middle of the road and that’s when my dream ended.

My sister told me I should stop watching the show since it was causing me to have such disturbing nightmares but I ignored her and thank goodness I did. That’s a really good show and I love everything about it. #WaitingForSeason4

You know that scene in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when the Stone Giants are fighting? Yea, that’s the site of the next dream. Bilbo, Thorin and The Company were camping either at the foot of the mountain or somewhere nearby and somehow I ended up being smack dab in the middle of everything. Not the giants fighting, the company camping. Thorin tried to kill me! With Bilbo’s letter opener. The disrespect. I still don’t know why. All I know is, I entered the dream and The King Under the Mountain was after me and Bilbo was trying to protect me. I’m pretty sure Gandalf came and saved me but I can’t remember because I was so shocked that I was randomly attacked this way.

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I have this thing where I’ll become obsessed with a character, very rarely an actual person, and I’ll read up on them as much as I can. For the characters, if there’s fanfiction, I’ll read it. The person: watch most if not all of their filmography. One of these people ended up being Lucius Malfoy and the actor who portrayed him, Jason Isaacs. This was a crazy time in my life. I was a senior in high school and my obsession was starting to get a bit insane because I’d end up trying to say something about him and no sound would come out. Obviously, this all resulted in a dream. I was a student at some boarding school? University? I’m honestly not sure, but I figured it made sense since Hogwarts and all that. Lucius Malfoy ended up being my English professor and that in itself was weird, because…why was I dreaming about being in school? It’s not a place I’d choose to go to in my free time. Anyway, Lucius ended up hitting on me and I rejected him (yes, you read that right) because it was inappropriate. Caron has morals…even in her dreams.

My most recent dream was of The Doctor. You know, Doctor Who. In this one, The Doctor was my grandfather? No, my dad, and I think I graduated from school or something then he took me out to a clearing with my eyes covered and when I opened my eyes, there stood my very own TARDIS. I’m still ridiculously happy about this because imagine! My own TARDIS! It was amazing and the cloaking device worked perfectly, and one of the disguises was this huge fluffy white dog. It was so awesome.

And so…I’ve saved the best for last. Misha Collins, amazing man that he is. The dream that featured him happened a little while after Lucius’. A friend said that it was strange that I was dreaming of all these other characters/people but my role model hadn’t been one of them yet. I thought so too and I started to become worried. Cue me finally dreaming about Misha.

Somehow I made it to SDCC- San Diego Comic Con- and I’d been waiting to meet Misha all day and there was no sign of him. In the dream I was his biggest fan and word had gotten around that I was there and we had to meet. Misha heard about this from someone and agreed but was busy with signings and photo ops and the like. When he did end up being in my vicinity he totally brushed me off and walked away without acknowledging me or anything. I was so sad, I woke up immediately and was bummed for the rest of the day. I relayed the events of my dream to my friend and she said that it was unfortunate since all the videos we’d seen and stories we’d heard made Misha seem like such a great person. I know it was only a dream and I was over thinking as I usually did. That still didn’t make me feel any better though.

A few nights later, I ended up dreaming about Misha again and this one was so much better than the first. Misha came back and apologised for walking off without saying anything and bought me a cupcake as an apology. I was instantly happy. My friend said that only I would re-dream about someone so that my image of them wasn’t tainted.

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I know this post was slightly different but I figured why not write a post that’s actually related to its theme: Random Story Time.

I have such weird dreams when I do end up dreaming and even though I don’t enjoy the experience, I always have a story to tell. I can probably count on one hand the amount of relatively normal dreams I’ve had. This was just a little something against the norm. I rather enjoyed writing out this post and I’m a bit curious what other fandom related dreams I’ll have.

Thanks for stopping by.
Till next time,

Caron xx

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