I Take Forever To Get To Review Books

So I suck at planning for time to read review books.

Let’s start off with where I get my review copies. NetGalley, Instafreebie, Read-to-Review on Goodreads, Giveaways (Goodreads or Book Blogs) and of course from the authors themselves. I don’t do R2R so often anymore because I’ve decided to limit my amount of review copies. I can only read so much in a limited time. I try to keep my NetGalley ratio above 80% (I don’t want to lose my badge) so I don’t request books often. I think my ratio’s currently at 95% with 4 books on my shelf.

I got my first few review books back in 2015 and some of them I read, some of them I forgot about (Bad Caron). I was so excited about being a reviewer that I entered every giveaway, said yes to every review request and signed up for any R2R that sounded remotely interesting.


What this has taught me is that I should carefully read through the synopsis and take note of the genre as there are many things that I’ve come to like and dislike. e.g I don’t like Romance novels, or novels where Romance is the main factor, so I will not request books of this nature. I don’t mind retellings but some of the original tales, I didn’t like and it’s rare that I’ll like the retelling. I would consider giving the book a chance though because I know I can’t cast a writer or their work aside because I didn’t like the story their work was based off on. For me it’s Alice in Wonderland. Ever since I was a kid I wasn’t a fan of the stories and movies and when I finally read the books, I found that I didn’t like it.

I have books sitting on my iPad from 2015 waiting to be read. I feel so ashamed because some of these books weren’t even published yet and I put it aside because of other books that caught my fancy. Another thing, don’t feel bad if a book’s not ‘your thing’. If you don’t like it, that’s just what it is. I’ve DNF’d many books because 1. I didn’t like the writing style 2. There was too much confusion or 3. The book just wasn’t for me. I used to feel bad about that but I don’t anymore. I believe that there are way too many other books out there that I can read so I shouldn’t be wasting time on those that I don’t even like.


I try very hard not to judge a book by it’s author. Just because I hated a certain works by a particular author, I don’t write them off immediately. I might take some time to read anything by them again but there’s always a chance that the next book could be better. I also try not to compare my opinions of a book to its author meaning that if I hated the book I don’t automatically hate the author. For me that doesn’t make sense. Just because I couldn’t stand Paper Towns doesn’t mean that I can’t stand John Green. They’re not interchangeable.

I’ve become a lot better at getting to books sooner. I made a list and currently I have over 20 books that I need to both read and review and I’m sure I’ll get to them before the year’s up. I like striking each book out as I finish it. It motivates me to carry on.

I don’t think I’ve ever said no to review requests from authors. As I said, I read the synopsis and if I like it-which most of the time I do- I accept. It’s no secret that my favourite genre is Fantasy and I do like Historical Fiction so I’ve gotten lucky in getting really good books to review. See my new Review Policy here. I figured I needed one since I’m really trying to establish myself as a serious reviewer. There’s no more time for games.

This post went a totally different direction than what I thought. I think I’m making some headway where reviews are concerned. I’ve figured out a way for me to decrease both my physical TBR and review list at the same time. I read one book off my TBR and one off my list. It’s been working for the past two months and because of my new review notebook I’ve even managed to get reviews out a lot sooner.


I’m happy where this review road seems to be taking me and I don’t regret for one second that I became a book reviewer. This is the best unofficial job in the world!

Thanks for stopping by.
Till next time,

Caron xx

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3 thoughts on “I Take Forever To Get To Review Books

  1. Hi Caron I also have a very long TBR list on my Kindle but not with many ARCs waiting to be reviewed. I don’t want to promise something and not being able to follow through so I try to request 1 or 2 books at a time and not request a new one before I’ve reviewed them all 🙂

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    • See! Now you have the right idea. I have a problem. Most of my recent ARCs are books that have already been published so fortunately I’m not tied to a specific deadline. My system seems to be working though and I have been finishing more ARCs these past few months. Once this list gets smaller, I’ll definitely be curbing my over requesting habit. Thanks for commenting! 😀

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