eARC Book Review: A Bit(e) of Discretion, Please by T.A. Miles

A Bit(e) of Discretion, Please (Dreamer #1)

Goodreads Synopsis

Caught in the act of being a supernatural creature, Stuart, a former Prince of the Dreaming has been brought into mortal custody. As part of his sentence, he’s required to perform public service duties, assisting other supernaturals and gifted mortals in solving cases of an other worldly nature. Armed with only a fraction of his faerie glamour, and an intense passion for tea, Stuart partners with a young spiritualist to resolve a case of missing souls.

A lighthearted and humorous approach to the varying fantastic and supernatural realms and beings as they intersect with a not so defenseless or unsuspecting mortal world. This is the first in a series of short stories/novellas.

I received this book from the author on Instafreebie in exchange for an honest review.

A Bit(e) of Discretion, Please tells the story of Stuart who was revoked of his fairyism and sentenced to help other supernatural creatures. As the story progressed it felt like Stuart’s punishment was basically making him a cop…or a criminal informant.

I don’t always reread the synopsis of a book just before I start it because I like the element of surprise but with this book I had to go back and read it since I was quite confused. I’m not entirely sure if that was because I forgot what the book was about or because of how the book started. The synopsis gives you the introduction, and it’s not repeated again in the book. And that’s where I got lost.

As I continued reading, my interests were piqued enough for me to want to continue this story. As it was only about 30 pages, I was wondering how much the author would reveal. Would it read like a full novel and would I get a good feel of the author’s writing style? All my questions seems to have been answered. This did not read like a full-length novel but enough information was given that it filled in some holes.

I wondered about Stuart’s name. I’m used to fantasy characters having these weird and sometimes complicated names and here we get Stuart. I thought that maybe he was unlucky in that regard but it turns out that it was part of his cover, among other things to help hide that he was a Dreamer/Fairy-this wasn’t fully explained. I was a few pages in and I still didn’t know much about Stuart. All I knew was that he loved tea and didn’t like this punishment.

I found the concept of an empty town that wasn’t empty extremely fascinating. It was described as being hollow but it was obvious that there were dark forces in the area. I was confused by what a night angel was. I’m still confused. Is it an angel? A vampire? They mentioned the fallen, actual angels and some vampires made an appearance. I would’ve appreciated a more detailed explanation though.

I rather liked Daniel. I found him to be quite cunning and devious and while I know now what his story was, him jumping like some macho man brandishing that gun was grounds for heart eyes. Mei Lin was awesome and I easily forgot that she was a child.

The story showed a lot of potential and I liked what the author was trying to say. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and found it to be easy to read.

I’ll admit that were some confusing bits but they didn’t take away from the enjoyment. I do wish the book was slightly longer though. I’m very interested in seeing what happens next.

Read: 6 March 2017
Rating: ★★★.5

Publication Date: 12 August 2011
Publisher: Raventide Books
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: T.A. Miles

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