My Week and Happenings (#6)

Why did this week go by so fast? February is supposed to be an in between to prepare us for the knowledge that the year actually is moving forward.

The good news that I wanted to bring…well, there’s none yet but we’re keeping a positive vibe. The hope remains strong and we will come out of this victorious. Excuse me if I sound weird in this post. I literally just woke up.

I’ve been reading Mia Goes Fourth since last week. I’m not in a reading slump but this is definitely not my favourite book in the series so far. Mia’s so…woman, he said he loves you! People don’t just say that to anyone. Especially if they end up kissing you after saying those words.  I’m nearly done with it so hopefully I can put this behind me. One thing is sure though, one day when I re-read the series, I’m going to dread having to go through Mia Goes Fourth all over again. Since we’re on this series, my review for Take Two just went up. See it here.

My review for Hollow City also went up this week. See here.

I’m also reading City of Bones. I’ve finally decided to get to that re-read I’ve been promising myself I’d do. I read the entire Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices about 2 years ago and just got each new book in the Shadowhunter Chronicles as they were released. This is my favourite series so I’m glad that I’m getting to experience it from the beginning again. Also, Simon Lewis, my darling! ❤︎

My sister invaded my room the other night (she was trying to figure out this Sudoku puzzle) and we decided to watch City of Bones. I was feeling nostalgic since it was because of the movie that I decided to read the series at all. Thing is, I’ve watched the movie before but I had never laughed so much before. We caught some quotes that I’ll share here.

  • Clary about her missing memories: “But I can’t remember what she’d want me to forget.”  We found this extremely funny.
  • Jace to Clary in that alley when she confronts him about being a cold blooded killer: “As opposed to a peace loving killer.”
  • When Clary returns to her room and Simon is there and she kinda brushes Jace off: “How swiftly you dismiss our love.”

These scenes weren’t necessary funny but we were in the moment. I also found the part where Clary tripped on the steps at the City of Bones and Jace said “Shh, you’ll wake the dead.”

I finally listened to the full Hamilton Musical and by God, that is amazing! I’ve been singing the songs all week and I’ve even got my sister joining me on a few. This is one show (after Les Mis) that I really wish I could see in person.

So yes, that’s been my week. I’ve got a ton of review books to get through to so that should happen. I hope all of you have a great week. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

Thanks for tuning in,
Caron xx

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