My Week and Happenings (#3)

For now this post will be reserved for Fridays but I’ll move them to Sundays in the distant future.

My Week and Happenings

January has been taking forever to finish but this last week has gone a lot faster. I still haven’t finished Queen of Shadows and I hope I finish it before the month’s out. Same goes for How to Mend A Broken Heart.

I put out the review for If This Is Home, see it here. I’m still working on scheduling 2 posts every week. Fingers shall remain crossed for that.

I haven’t coloured anything this week but I have started a picture with two dream catchers. My granny’s visiting for the month so I’m spending time with her instead of staring down at a page for hours. I’ve even been reading less but I don’t mind. Much.

My gran and I have been so into the Nat Geo Wild channel. I found out that Honey Badgers are basically immune to snake venom, so shout out to all those Hufflepuffs out there! I myself am a Slytherin. Oh, and apparently Polar Bear liver is toxic to humans. Do people even eat polar bears? That’s sad 😦

I got a new book today! My bro got me one as a late birthday gift so I chose A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas because I need more Rhys in my life.

This has been a pretty chilled week. Not too much going on but that’s all well and good. I’m not sick anymore, so that’s a plus. More good news for today: Supernatural and Grey’s are out! YES! I’ve been waiting for months. I’ll rest up a bit and watch it sometime later. I’m kinda scared to see Dean and Sam so out of options. But anyways, bye for now.

Thanks for tuning in, 
Caron xx

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