My Week and Happenings (#2)

For now this post will be reserved for Fridays but I’ll move them to Sundays in the distant future.

My Week and Happenings

So not much happened this week. I forgot that Monday was blog day so I only ended up posting on Tuesday. I reviewed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children (see review here) which I should’ve done ages ago but I wasn’t in the moment, ya know? I kept trying to write something but then somewhere along the way I seemed to have forgotten some of the story and had to go through the book and make notes…not saying the story was forgettable, I just lost the feel for reviewing. Much like with ACOTAR. I so much want to review it but I’m not feeling it.

I was sick most of this week so I spent a lot of time in bed, not reading and sneezing my ear drums out. but I still managed to finish Lady Midnight just last night. I’ll have a review of that up soon after Shadowhunter Academy.

I’m still getting used to this schedule, figuring out proper days and times but I don’t want to stress about it right now. I’m loving the Friday’s, it’s the Monday’s I’m not too sure about. We’ll see how it goes down the line.

I started reading Queen of Shadows today and I’m excited but at the same time I can’t help but groan when I look at the book. SJM has this thing where the book is big but the chapters are very short. I’m not a fan of that and for me being someone with a short attention span, chapter ends usually mean breaks for me. This is why I take so long to finish her books, even though they’re so amazing.

I also binge-watched A Series of Unfortunate Events, as many others did and I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! As a reader I am so so so happy with the outcome. I just finished 2 of the books last year and the dialogue was almost exactly the same. The only thing that I can think of right now that I wished they put in (even though it wouldn’t be too reasonable) is the ‘ever ever ever ever’ continuous through a whole page thing. That would’ve been awesome. If I end up watching the show again over the weekend, I might do a post about it for next week. Again…we’ll see.

So yea, that was my week. As I said, not much happened but my body felt like it had been wrapped in ice then immediately thrown into hot water. Not a nice feeling. Hopefully next week will be brighter.

Thanks for tuning in, 
Caron xx

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