Book Review: Klaus #2-7 by Grant Morrison

Goodreads Synopsis

Klaus is “Santa Claus: Year One.” Award-winning author Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, The Multiversity) and Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award-winning artist Dan Mora (Hexed) revamp, reinvent, and re-imagine a classic superhero for the 21st century, drawing on Santa’s roots in Viking lore and Siberian shamanism. Collects the complete, seven-issue limited series in an oversized hardcover. “It’s the beautiful art and the unusual blend of grim medieval setting and whimsical fairy tale elements that truly distinguish this tale.” – IGN

I’ve already read the first issue of Klaus last year. See my review for it here.

Much like the first issue, Klaus tells the story of where the legend of Santa/Father Christmas/Saint Nick etc. originated from. I find legends of any kind extremely fascinating so I was eager to read this comic.

We continue where we left off in Issue #1 and Klaus is still set on bring light an joy to a dark town. It’s what he was meant to do and he’ll go through hell and back to put smiles on the people’s faces.


I found Klaus to be a very likeable character even with the fact that he doesn’t speak much. He says what he must and when he must. The whole backstory inception thing that went on for a bit was awesome. I liked that they didn’t start out the comic with a ‘there once was a small boy…’ or something similar. This was basically perfection.

On the art: my word, the art! It’s been a year since I read the last issue and I forgot how vivid and detailed the art is. I could stare at the pictures for hours and marvel at the beauty of it. Look at those bookshelves! So many books and it’s seen that time was taken to draw those books and so clearly as well.


Bookworm’s dream come true!

As the story progressed, more was revealed. It was as if with every issue, a new level was unlocked. There was a lot of mystery even up till the last issue and it keeps you guessing and wanting more. I absolutely loved how ridiculously fast paced this was. I could get through it so fast without even noticing that so many pages had gone by.

“Once upon a time and a place, there was a man. His name was Klaus, which means ‘Victory of the people’. And once upon a time, they all lived happily but the time is always now. And now outlives each of us.”

This was one of the best comics I read this year. I would definitely be picking up more works by this writer and author.

Read: 25 December 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

Publication Date: 9 November 2016
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Grant Morrison
Illustrator: Dan Mora

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