Updates/Changes on the Blog

I’ve had a schedule for the majority of the year: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I thought I’d put up a post stating that there will be a significant change in my posting schedule in that there won’t be one anymore.

I’ve been feeling out of it lately and it’s been getting more and more difficult to keep up with my posts which is not easy when I don’t even feel like reading/writing.

I’ll continue writing book reviews but I’ll post them as they come. It’s going against that part of me that needs organisation but it’s better I do that instead of going on an indefinite hiatus or just disappear.

There are some posts that are not guaranteed to still be posted:

  • Currently Reading
  • Expected Releases
  • Movie/TV Show vs Book
  • Tags
  • Let’s Talk (I haven’t posted any in a while anyway)
  • I might cut out comic book reviews. (not sure yet)

Basically, most if not all the posts except book reviews. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go back to my schedule.

Thanks for reading

Caron xx


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