Reading Goal for 2016: Complete

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You see that? Do you see that?! I have successfully completed this year’s goal of reading 120 books.

I initially started out the year with an ‘easy’ (for me at least) 50, because I didn’t know what my circumstances for the year was going to be. I reached 45 in about two and a half months then increased it to 60, then 70, then 85, then 90 and I think it was 110 for a while before I changed it to 120 and left it there.

See my reading list of 2016 here.

This year has been a crazy reading year for me so far. I’ve experienced books that I loved, couldn’t stand, wanted to throw out the window…hell, there were books that made me want to jump out the window.

In all honesty, I love being a reader simply for the fact that I get to enjoy all these amazing books. This is why I look up to writers. They don’t have to put their work out there but they do, and I appreciate them for it.

I’ve read a mixture of books this year, as I always do. I read some poetry, comics, novels, short stories, retellings, companions. I even stepped out of my comfort zone with a few.

I may have completed my reading goal for 2016, but the year is not yet over. Currently, I have over 12 books that I’m reading and I keep adding more every week. My new goal for the year is to get that number down to zero. By 31st December 2016, when I log onto GR, there should be that gorgeous ‘0’ in the Currently Reading section. That’s my goal now. I have a plan and I hope it works out.

Thanks guys. I know we’re all out there supporting each other. Enjoy the reading and good luck with those goals.

Caron xx

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5 thoughts on “Reading Goal for 2016: Complete

  1. Well done, that’s very good going. I have that goal too and only about half way through. Some really good looking books on your list. i love the idea of finishing all your started books, It would take me a full year to do that with mine I think. I hope you manage it 🙂

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    • Good luck with your goal! Support all the way. I tried the same last year- completing my current reads but family got me distracted so that didn’t happen. Thank you though and thanks for commenting.

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    • Thank you! Think of it this way…there’s still 5 months left of the year and you have up till 23:59 on the 31st Dec to reach the goal. 5 months is a lot if you really think about it. Try to set smaller goals within the big goal and maybe that’ll help. I have a board in my room with a list of books for every month and striking them out as I finish motivates me to want to complete more.

      I hope you reach your goal though. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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