Book Review: Supurbia Vol.1 by Grace Randolph

Grace Randolph's Supurbia Vol. 1

Goodreads Synopsis

What goes down when the capes come off? Meet the “Real Housewives” of Earth’s greatest super-team, the Meta Legion! It’s the egos, the tantrums, and the betrayals of the super set. Find out what happens behind the masks as superhero families are faced with the sordid problems of everyday life – and then some!

From rising star writer Grace Randolph (Marvel’s NATION X, HER-OES) and hot new artist Russell Dauterman, this series takes the familiar super-team and turns it on its head with a scandalous, TMZ-fueled look at what it’s like to live with a superhero!

Supurbia focuses on the spouses and partners of the superheroes: Marine Omega, Sovereign, Batu, Night Fox, Bulldog and The Cosmic Champion. The title of the comic was what drew me to it the first time because I figured it’d all be happening in the suburbs (duh). I wasn’t wrong though. The fact that this focuses more on the partners of the heroes is what was very intriguing about this comic. This is like a reality TV Show but in a comic book. There’s drama and betrayal but it’s all in a superhero fashion so not everything is mainstream.

Characters: In this first volume all the characters were introduced in a very spy-ish way. As a new partner/spouse would pop up, they’d be given a profile telling us who they were married to or seeing and tell us what there role in life is. I really enjoyed the way Randolph went about that.

Tia Jenkins: Wife of The Cosmic Champion (Dion Jenkins). She used to be a vigilante but now she takes care of her daughter. I’m hoping her daughter grows up to be an awesome superhero. She’s already got that sneaky character down.

Helen Heart/Hella: She is the live-in girlfriend of Sovereign. She may or may not be a fugitive of the law but she swears that she’s defected from that bad side.

Alexis Fritsche: Wife of Night Fox (Paul Fritsche). These two are just…sigh. I do like Alexis’ attitude in this comic though. She’s a go getter and refuses to be used as a doormat.

Jeremy Metzger: Husband of Batu, one of the Daughters of the Moon. She believes that men are a no-no but Jeremy is mostly an exception. They have two kids together and Batu is training her daughter for when her powers finally kick in.

Eve White: Newly wedded wife of Bulldog (Robert White). This woman is too curious for her own good. She asks the wrong (right) questions and this is the kind of person the bad guy doesn’t like because they ‘accidentally’ uncover their secrets.

Ruth Smith: Wife of Marina Omega (Mike White). She was rude at the beginning and gave off an air of superiority (her husband was the leader, but still) and she seemed full of herself.

Likes: I liked what this comic had to offer. The writing and the art was off the charts. I could stare at it all day. The detail put into this comic was phenomenal.

Overall Thoughts: The plot was great and the story was extremely addicting. I can’t wait to read the next volume.

Read: 14 June 2016
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 28 November 2012
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Grace Randolph
Illustrator: Russell Dauterman


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