eARC Book Review: No Place Like Somewhere Else by Caesar J.M. Kauftheil

No Place Like Somewhere ElseGoodreads Synopsis

Josie has a passion for running away—or, as her girlfriend Marjorie would say, a fear of commitment. She runs away from home, from making decisions, and most recently, from having a serious discussion about her crumbling relationship.

Upon discovering a pair of tennis shoes outside a Chinese restaurant, Josie feels a sense of lightness on her feet, but each time she wears them, she finds herself running into trouble—in the form of a strange man named Jay, who might just be what she needs to break her own bad habits.

I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

No Place Like Somewhere Else is about Josie, a woman who who’d literally talk about anything else except her emotions and problems. Keeping that in mind, I think that this book was aptly named.

After finding these shoes which she jokes could possibly be magical because she finds Jesus whenever she wears them, she runs into happiness, so to speak.

Characters: Josie was an extremely likeable character and what I liked about her was that she didn’t have a sudden change of heart. She stayed in character the entire book. She always ran away from her problems but there were times when she couldn’t run. No one likes being alone, yea? She was quirky and witty and I found her narration to be very entertaining.

Jay: A ‘handsome Jesus’ in Josie’s opinion. I honestly thought that he was exactly what Josie needed at the time. He was such a lovable A-hole.

Marjorie…what a –

Likes: I liked what this book stood for. Don’t run, but sometimes running is the right thing to do. It was like when people say, maybe the problem isn’t you…remove those weeds from your life and things will start looking right for you. I thought that Josie and Jay really complimented each other. They could’ve ended up as literally anything and I would’ve been happy. This have all kinds of chemistry.

Overall Thoughts: I liked what Jay said about dogs: “Dogs run away from home. Doesn’t mean they’re not loyal”. This was a novella but I don’t think anything more need to be said. This story was the perfect length to get the message across. I found this to be quick as well as interesting and entertaining.

Read: 27 May 2016
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: 15 June 2016
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Caesar J.M. Kauftheil


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