Writing Update

On Friday morning, I found myself unable to sleep as is normal for me when my head is filled with so many things, and I decided to sit at my desk and stare at what I had written for Forgotten Bliss so far.

At the time I was almost done with the story and only had two more scenes before it was complete but I had been struggling with a big scene for the better part of 2 months. I did what always helped me tap into my creative side and I picked up a pen instead of typing.

By doing that I managed to unblock my brain and I managed to write for 4 hours straight. In the end I had to stop because it was 8am and I had to prepare for the day. *Keep in mind that I hadn’t slept that night*

4 hours later I was back at my laptop, grinning like the cheshire cat and writing as if I had a mad man on my tail.

I am now proud to say that I have successfully completed Forgotten Bliss and posted all the remaining chapters to my Wattpad.


I felt so happy, I was on a writing high the entire day. I had made the decision long ago to finish my WIPs before I started/continued with my other ideas.

I am so proud of myself. I knew I’d end up finishing the story sooner or later because I had a clear view of where I wanted it to go.

I cried people! I cried while I wrote, I cried when the last chapter went up. I’d been writing this story since 2014 and it was long overdue. I read the comments of people asking me to update and see people reading the first story- Where My Heart Is- and hope that they’ll immediately so read the sequel.

One thing though: I won’t be writing a sequel for anything else anytime soon. This wasn’t easy. And let me tell you, writing about 18 year olds when you’re 16 is all fine and dandy…but writing about 28 year olds when you’re 21 is well…it’s weird. I feel like we’re on a different plain- so close yet so incredibly far. Thing is, the age wasn’t really the problem. It was the characters. In reality it had been 4-5 years since we had last seen them and my writing is very much that of a…well, a 16 year old. In the sequel I fast forwarded 9 years and so many things had changed.

One thing I made sure to do though was write the sequel in a way that it could be read as a stand alone. Ignoring the names, it could totally be a completely different story. What I wanted to show in this piece of work is how much I too changed as a writer. It’s been 5 years…I don’t write teenage drama anymore.

We’re moving forward, guys! I have so much to be happy for right now, and sure my happiness is all book-related but it doesn’t matter.

Thank you so much!


Go check out my Wattpad here
Read Forgotten Bliss here
See where Tommy and Kevin’s story all started in Where My Heart Is here

I’m active on twitter everyday. Be sure to follow me. I can be funny sometimes. @d_m_thoughts


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