New Magnus Bane Adult Novels

So I’m sure that most if not all of us have heard the news. Cassandra Clare will be writing more Magnus Bane books!


Last week, I had been randomly perusing twitter- as I do- and I ended up on Miss Cassandra’s twitter feed (I wasn’t sure if I was actually following her or not- I was…obviously) and I happened upon this tweet:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 3.17.01 PM

I looked a bit further and saw that she’d been posting hints for a while and I was shocked that I hadn’t been paying more attention (I mentally slapped myself at this- Cassie’s one of my all time favourite authors, I have to keep up to date!). I squinted at the tweets, not knowing what they meant and of course, that was when the bookish internet just blew up and I was freaking out along with everyone. Quietly of course, it was probably 4 in the morning that day.

Now, I’ve said in previous posts that Simon is my favourite book character (not so much a fan of TV show Simon) but Magnus! Oh my lovely word, Magnus Bane, people. He was always strange and that is what made him such an interesting character. So perfect!

Cassie will be writing this new trilogy along with Wesley Chu and the hype is over the moon! My heart is still beating so fast. Cassie promises that this new trilogy will have LOTS of Malec which…and let’s be honest, if I wasn’t excited before, that would’ve certainly won me over. There are so many new things that we can find out about Magnus. So many paths this can go down.

The first book doesn’t have a title yet but so far the trilogy is listed under the name: Magnus Bane Adult Trilogy. I’m not sure if that will change…it might, I don’t know. I can’t wait. The first book is set to come out November 2017.

Like, what do you mean I need to wait till next year?!


Screw 2016, I want 2017. I NEED 2017! Preposterous. Ridiculous. Mind numbingly insane!

I’m already thinking of where I’ll be putting these three books. Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Princess are missing from my collection, then there’s The Shadowhunter Codex and of course Lady Midnight and Shadowhunter Academy. After that it’s the start of the Magnus Bane trilogy and The Last Hours still needs to come out and OMG, what is even happening?!

I can’t wait a year…well I can but I don’t want to. I’ll be patient though because Cassie Clare always, always makes the wait worth the while and I honestly want to cry right now because I’m so incredibly happy and TMI is my favourite series and any books published in the Shadowhunter Chronicles is precious and this news was like Christmas. Christmas in May!

November is quickly becoming my favourite month. Thank you Cassie and Wesley for this! Thank you.!

And now…we wait.



2 thoughts on “New Magnus Bane Adult Novels

    • There have definitely been mixed reviews where Cassie’s books are concerned but I ignored all of them once I started reading them myself. It does feel like you’re flying through her books. If you do plan on reading The Bane Chronicles it’s best read after the TID and TMI series as The Bane Chronicles could have spoilers, no pressure though, the choice is obviously yours.

      I hope you enjoy what else you read by her. Thanks for commenting. 😀


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