eARC Book Review: Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame

27015414Goodreads Synopsis

Love has no rules.

It’s been a year since Eden Munro last saw Tyler Bruce: her stepbrother…and secret love. Although they swore to ignore their feelings and put their family first, Eden can’t help but feel excited when Tyler invites her to join him in New York City for the summer.

But it’s not like anything is going to happen. Eden is happy with her boyfriend Dean, and she knows gorgeous, green-eyed Tyler must have moved on as well. But as they spend the long, hot summer in the city that never sleeps, it becomes obvious that those old feelings are still there…simmering beneath the surface. Will Tyler and Eden be able to resist temptation?

Did I Mention I Need You? is book two in Wattpad sensation Estelle Maskame’s DIMILY trilogy: three unforgettable summers of secrets, heartbreak and forbidden romance.

I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Did I Mention I Need You? is the second book in the DIMILY trilogy. I posted my review for Did I Mention I Love You? (see here). I enjoyed the first book so much that I jumped straight into the second book. While an amazing book, this one did not take me as quick to read as the first one. DIMILY was fast and witty and I was expecting all those cliche lines and feelings of fluff. When I started DIMINY, I was over my need for contemporary phase. The first book fulfilled it in spades.

In this second book, we are once again reunited with Eden a year after the first book. The major time lapse wasn’t a big deal since Tyler and Eden seem to have their ‘summer fling’ moments.

I will say that there was some major character development in this book, as well as some personality changes. I didn’t mind these changes for the most part but they took some getting used to. With only reading book one less than a month before this current one, I was still very aware of who everyone was and what the story was about. I feel that if I waited to read DIMINY I wouldn’t have noticed the changes as vividly as I did.

Characters: I needed the world’s patience getting through the last 3/4 of this book. If you check out my twitter feed you’ll understand the pain I went through while reading this book. Eden annoyed me from the moment she and Tyler were reunited again. I was excited to see how things would be for them since agreeing to be siblings and after being a year apart, I thought it would at least take a substantial amount of time before feelings started to arise. Eden’s jealousy was okay in the beginning, but it got so bad I thought she’d start shooting raging glares of jealousy at a leaf it dared touched her Tyler. I honestly have never wanted to reach in and slap a character more and I’ve probably said that a lot but this time I mean it.

Tyler was a darling throughout this entire book. I think he as a character and a ‘person’ grew the most in this trilogy so far. He really controlled his rage and had the utmost patience and it’s true what they say about love being blind, because if I were him I would’ve stuck a sock in Eden’s mouth from the moment she opened it.

Emily and Snake were amazing supporting characters. Snake was a bit weird in the beginning but that worked out really well I think. I feel like it was needed with all the drama Eden…I mean this book was throwing at us. Emily was amazing and a sweetheart even with how bitchy Eden was being.

With Rachael and Dean, I felt that Dean was annoying in the sense that he was too sweet. It was cute but I was like ‘show some other emotion except hopelessly in love’. I feel sorry for him though. He honestly didn’t deserve the treatment he got. Rachael was a useless character for this book. The book would’ve gone the same even if she weren’t in it.

Tiffani, Lord bless her soul…she was still conniving and rude and cruel but for once I was thankful that she arrived because she honestly made the book interesting.

Likes: I loved the writing style. Maskame really has amazing talent. I loved the ending. I never would have expected that. Good one on unpredictability…even if it was only at the end.

Dislikes: I disliked Eden. I don’t know if you caught that throughout the review. I tried not to be too obvious about it. *stares into the camera as if I’m on The Office* I felt that there were characters and/or situations that could’ve been done without but I think having the book as it was, was great.

Overall Thoughts: This book started out slow and stayed that way for most of the book. As I mentioned, Tiffani’s presence really made everything better. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes for most of this book. With the last few chapters alone, I want to read Did I Mention I Miss You? That ending really turned things around and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Read: 16 May 2016
Rating: ★★★.75

Publication Date: 1 March 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Estelle Maskame



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