eARC Book Review: Transient City by Al Onia

28399139Goodreads Synopsis

On a distant mining colony at the far reaches of a galactic empire, vast cities crawl across the surface of desolate planet looking for valuable minerals while their citizens struggle to survive. Victor Stromboli, a professional crime scene witness is nearly crippled by the brutal memories he can’t control or forget.
Now, he has to solve the mystery of a missing corporate executive. The only trouble is: the man is the husband of the love of his life. Stromboli has to overcome rogue miners, corporate intrigue and a pair of vicious psychopaths. Or die trying.

I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Victor Stromboli is a ‘witness’ in Transient City. Some call him a contractor since his job is technically not really a job. He has this super memory that allows him to view crime-scenes exactly as they are. He’s a human camera basically. This is the best I can describe it.

I didn’t get much from this story. I understood that it was in the distant future because they mentioned the Old World a couple of times but there was no actual introduction into where they were exactly. The synopsis gives a better glue than they did in the book, which I was not impressed with. The synopsis also made the book sound a lot more interesting than it actually was. I didn’t like this book.

Characters: Victor was a strange guy. He had this ability to remember everything, and given incentive (shock therapy) he’d be able to see the image as if he were still there. He was fueled by his past- he never learned how to let go. His memory kept him from moving forward.

Kathy Whitaker is the oil that kept Victor living in the past. She appears after her husband goes missing and now Victor can’t think about anything else. I found this annoying. This was the reverse of when a guy appears and the girl’s whole life revolves around him. I didn’t much care for Kathy.

McGivern- this guy didn’t give a crap about anyone or anything. He didn’t want any more work added to his pile so he stayed out of things that had nothing to do with him. This was probably the only character I did like.

Chilly and Blaze were a weird pair. You have the muscle and the brains and sooner or later one is going to go against the other.

There were a bunch of other side characters who helped Victor along the way. Not all of them added to the story though.

Likes: There wasn’t much I liked about this book. I did actually like Victor’s superb memory and thought that more could have been done with it. I mean seriously, a crime novel?

Dislikes: I didn’t like that I couldn’t understand what was going on. I thought that it picked up a few times but it was just my imagination running wild with me. The story took way too long to get into (not that I actually got into it) and too long to reach it’s climax. Only when it did, it wasn’t all that climatic. By that point I thought that there was no more story to tell so words were added to finish the book.

“Social psychology is the biggest risk to the status quo”

I felt that this book was mainly ‘average’ and I don’t know how I managed to finish it. There was hardly any build-up and no satisfying climax. I felt nothing while reading this book.

Read: 11 April 2016

Rating: ★★

Publication Date: 5 April 2016
Publisher: Bundoran Press Publishing
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Al Onia


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