Movie/TV Show vs Book: If I Stay

The Book


If I stay is a YA novel that was published by Gayle Forman back in 2009. This book has climbed that ladder and reached the top. (I’ll be honest and admit that I had never heard of it until the movie announcement came)

I read the sequel immediately after If I Stay and Gayle Forman has quickly become an author whose writing I trust. She grabs your attention from the first line and once you start you never want to stop. I went in thinking I was going to get cliche and boring and really, the only thing that interested me was the fact that the main character was a ghost the entire book. I came out loving the book and wanting more and more.

The Movie

if-i-stayThe movie adaptation for If I Stay came out in 2014 and of course the hype my friend, the hype was real.

I myself having just finished the book was exited to watch it and I found this movie to be of those rare ones where the book was almost- emphasis on almost please- better than the book. They stuck to the story and any parts that were left out wasn’t a problem. There were no major changes and all in all, in the eyes of a reader, I found the movie to be extremely enjoyable. I wasn’t sure about the cast at first but watching them in action, I could totally see it. Sometimes I wish that they’d make a movie for Where She Went but I don’t want my hopes and dreams to be crushed…because that could happen.

The Decision

It’s not an easy decision to make but I think I’ll go with the movie this time. I loved the book, it’s one I’d go back to again and again, but with the movie I can see the characters’ facial expressions and visually feel what they feel. So…movie it is.


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