Let’s Talk…Charlie Higson


Charlie Higson is an English comedian, actor, singer and author. I know him best for his works: The Enemy Series. Apart from The Enemy, he also published quite a few novels around the mid-90s and recently wrote an anthology for The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

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I have only read the first three books in The Enemy series and I am currently reading The Sacrifice. I bought The Dead first because it was on sale and later felt deceived because marketing plots designed that way makes my eye twitch. I had to go back and pay triple the price for the first book. I finished The Enemy in a day and I was baffled by the content, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Charlie Higson’s writing is good, really good…in my opinion it borders on great. When I first started the series I thought it was stupid in the sense that a random plot seemed to be thrown together, but no, that was not the case. Higson has created a web and lures the reader in ever so slowly that once you’re in, you can’t leave. I’m at the fourth book of The Enemy and I very well see myself continuing this series. I didn’t realise I was trapped until I read The Fear.


There are times when I feel confused while reading Higson’s works but one thing I know is never to worry. It all might seem confusing now, but there is a plan in place. I’ve said something similar to this before: why would there be more than one book if the previous instalments sucked?

The other day I was checking to see how many pages were in the book (to mark on Goodreads) and I saw the beginning of the fifth book starting and it said: This book takes place 28 seconds after the events of The Enemy. I did a ‘HIGSON!’ like Dave does his ‘ALVIIIIIIN!’

It doesn’t matter, I still like what Higson puts out there and I can’t wait to read his short Doctor Who story!

Charlie Higson’s: Website | Goodreads Page


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