Expected Releases for May 2016

3 May

27209239Bloodline: New Republic (Star Wars Canon) – Claudia Gray

This book is set about 6 years before The Force Awakens and will be the 10th book in the Star Wars Canon (for YA readers- Incl. Original Novels and Novel Adaptations). I haven’t started any of them yet but I’m planning on investing in them starting this month. It would’ve been so awesome if this was published one day later in aid of May the fourth be with you but oh well. Missed opportunities and such. I’m also excited to see Claudia Gray’s take on the Star Wars universe.

26252859The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo #1) – Rick Riordan

It is here! It has arrived!! Rick Riordan has come forth and brought us more books. Another story. I’m a fan of any mythology that’s why I liked Riordan’s books so much so of course I made sure to board the train when I found out about The Hidden Oracle. Anything Riordan has to offer, I’m there. Let’s hop on board!

179273951A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses #2) – Sarah J. Maas

…I haven’t started this trilogy yet either. My TBR is shameful and I need to diminish (laughing forever) that first. I will be starting ACOTAR this month so I’ll be able to bask in the glory that is Sarah J. Maas’ writings and just lay on the floor and cry because I know it’s going to be beautiful. I don’t even typically like fairy tales that much anymore but SJM writes them so beautifully and everyone loves a retelling.

26114621True Born (True Born Trilogy #1) – L.E. Sterling

I was supposed to start this book last week but things got weird so it’s still very much unread.

The synopsis for this book sounds very interesting- damaged genetics- and I’m actually looking forward to read this. I need some strange science fiction in my life these days.

26074181The Crown (The Selection #5) – Kiera Cass

I’ve been contemplating and debating with myself on whether I wanted to start this series or not. I heard that it was better as a trilogy but the series is not a complete flop?

I’ll have to actually read The Selection to see whether I like it or not.


17 May


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War: The Art of the Movie – Marvel Comics

The excitement for this movie is real. Me being a Marvel fan myself am over the moon because the hype! Rumour has it that it lives up to all the expectations. I think I need to take an infinite amount of deep breaths to keep myself calm for this. Also, #TeamIronMan

26156203The Crown’s Game (The Crown’s Game #1) – Evelyn Skye

I’m always excited about new series/trilogies or even standalones that come out because it gives us new material to get hooked on. The Crown’s Game is Evelyn’s Skye’s first novel and seems to be right up my alley. This is Fantasy (favourite genre) and Historical Fiction (I love!) and Cultural (Educate yourself!) so I’m pretty sure this is one I’m going to enjoy.

 Transient City – Al Onia28399139

I read this book earlier this month and I didn’t like it. I found it confusing and all over the place. I did like how it was supposedly set on a different planet? And in order to keep things going, towns moved. I was not impressed with this at all and it was a pain for me to actually get to the finish line. My review for this is coming soon so keep a lookout for that.


31 May


The Art of Being Normal – Lisa Williamson

I read this at the beginning of the month as well and really liked it. It was the first book about transgenders that I’ve read and it was really illuminating to see it almost as a ‘day in the life of’ kind of situation. Of course this book in no way highlights all the problems trans people go through, but the fact that this book exists alone is a form of awareness. See my review for this book here.


3 thoughts on “Expected Releases for May 2016

  1. Can I just ask why publishers seem to have picked the months of May and October for releasing their most buzzed about books? It’s just not fair! I allow myself two-three book purchases a month and this just puts a serious dent in my budget! After much dithering my May orders are: Hidden Oracle, The Court of Mist and Fury, and The Rose and the Dagger (which is arriving tomorrow. Eeeeek!) I know this last one is technically an April release but since it just came out Tues I’m counting it in. I read and reviewed True Born and really liked it.

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    • I know how you feel! I end up not buying many books at the end of the year because it’s a tough time (with Christmas being so near). I hardly ever buy books as they come out because I prefer the paperbacks so I tend to wait until a ‘desirable’ copy comes out. Those are great choices you’ve made and I like that you are able to limit yourself (having a budget really seems to help). Good luck with your purchases and reads. I’m on Chapter 4 now and I’m really enjoying it. Hopefully my review will be up tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

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