Book Review: Star Bastard #1 by Andrew Clemson

Star-Bastard-1-1-400x631Star Bastard is a new up and coming series written by Andrew Clemson that has been said to have a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to it- and looking at the cover I would agree, but reading it made me think other wise. I purchased this issue at MEFCC and I always try to show my support for those in the Artist Alley and I’ll tell you now, I was not disappointed with this comic. Not at all.

In terms of plot, currently there isn’t much of one- this is the first issue, character introductions were needed. The ending though, the ending leaves this comic open to so much more. I was left thinking: What now? Where’s the next issue?

We start out with the team aboard The Ghost Huffer- their ship. It’s clear from this moment that this series takes place in Space (‘2,000 lightyears from Earth- 2km from the nearest Starbucks’). They’re under attack and it’s Greeves’ fault- I’m thinking this happens so much it’s become a habit. The beginning and the middle gives us a feel for who and what the characters are and serves as an introduction. And what an awesome introduction it was! A+ to the writer for that.

Characters: Max- Ship’s Pilot: He’s amazing and clearly has a short temper which is understandable because he’s tiny. As in so tiny, he can fit into a helmet! He’s extremely defensive about his height- naturally.

“Metal” Molly Sims: Weapons Specialist: Molly is your chick on a ship because who wants only dudes around? She’s totally BAMF ands takes no nonsense from anyone making her an instant strong and fearless female character. Also, who doesn’t want guns for arms?

Greeves – Absolute Bastard: It really says that in the comic. So here we have Greeves, a-hole extraordinaire, who can’t give a flying rat’s butt about anyone but seems to come up with solutions last minute- still doesn’t make up for actually causing the problems, me thinks. He’s a great character and I hope that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Oh, I forgot to mention that he’s bulletproof!

Running from being shot at seems to be on the team’s permanent agenda and in this case I think that’s great because then I know it’ll never be boring. This book was filled with so much action and it was one issue! The artwork was amazing so props to both the artist and the colorist.

I can’t wait for the next issue. That last pages leaves me wanting so much more. Who is Grar this bounty hunter and that sketchy character that hides in the shadows? Great first issue, I loved every page. I need more!

Read: 10 April 2016
Rating: ★★★★

Publication Date: April 2016
Publisher: Bincat Press
Writer: Andrew Clemson
Artwork: Jethro Morales
Colorist: Teo Gonzalez
Website: Facebook


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