eARC Book Review: AMANI: Remember by Lydhia Marie

Goodreads Synopsis

From the first time Amya gains consciousness in a hospital, she tries to remember the train of events that landed her in a coma, as well as the lost memories of more than eleven months of her life. But her struggle does not stop when she wakes up. The world around her is falling apart. Her best friend Samera needs her help and urges her to work for the Protectors of Amani again and her friend Xander is the victim of a Rascal’s bite. A Rascal only needs to touch somebody in order to feed on their humanity: their energy, their youth, their dreams… But when they bite you, there is no going back.
Using her ability to Sojourn—to project her soul into people’s bodies—and Samera’s capacity to Travel between Dimensions, Amya risks her life and integrity to save a loved one. Little does she know that her friend might be lost forever

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Note: I’ve taken way too long to read and review this book and for that I apologise.

Remember is about Amya and her ‘reawakening’ into the world of dimensions, looking into peoples’ minds and running away from vicious monsters who are hellbent on making the world a sad and sorry place to live in. In this case, Power was everything to the ‘bad’ guys and they’d do anything to get out on top.

We start out with Amya who has been in the hospital for 5 months but with no memories of the past 11 months. I thought this was an interesting start because for me as the reader, I’d get to learn as the main character was learning. Nothing would be left out.

Amya as a main character to me was a bit whiny. She was extremely dependent on the people around her and while I understand that she was practically a fetus to this new world of wonder, she kind of overplayed her part of needing someone. She was slow at times and tended to overreact. A lot. She had a complete disregard for her surroundings and often forgot that other people was involved as well.

Samera, Amya’s best friend, didn’t seem to really put any emphasis in the ‘best’ part of their friendship. She didn’t care much…or at all and a few nice words doesn’t make up for that fact. She was quite untrusting. I got that there was a war going on but how do you go through life not trusting people left, right and center?

Ian…this guy just didn’t cut it out for me. As I was reading I thought, ‘this is supposed to be the bad guy?’ He was kind of an idiot. His thirst for power made him vulnerable and stupid. He was weak. I didn’t like him from the beginning. He thought he was God’s gift to mankind.

What I liked about this book was the thought about the different dimensions and how there were Yellow, Red, Blue selves that influenced us in a sort of way. I also liked that travelling between these dimensions was possible. The seraphs- mind reading folk, was a nice idea as well. The rascals were pretty greats ideas for bad guys (emphasis on ‘ideas’). I found them out of control and unpredictable which was okay because sometimes I need a bad guy who’s gonna throw something at me that I don’t quite expect.

For dislikes: the plot went everywhere. I felt that there wasn’t a fixed point on where it wanted to go so I was mostly confused. Also, it took me a while to actually get into the story. In all honesty, while the rascals could have been amazing bad guys…they lacked a certain something that was supposed to make me terrified of them. Mostly average, really.

Overall, I thought that the concept was interesting but nothing that held the ‘wow’ factor for me. It could’ve gone better. I know this was a fantasy but the story was completely unrelatable.

Read: 12 March 2016

Publication Date: 8 May 2015
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Lydhia Marie


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