Let’s Talk…Laurie Halse Anderson


Laurie Halse Anderson writes novels and stories for people of all ages and sometimes focuses on tough subjects like mental health, sexuality and death…just to name a few. Her novels include Speak, Wintergirls, Twisted and The Impossible Knife of Memory.

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Laurie’s novels Speak as well as Chains were National Book Award finalists.

I read Speak back in 2014 and I remember going through it pretty fast. I loved it from beginning to end. It was the first of Laurie’s works that I had read and while I have not read any more as yet I plan to do so soon. For that entire year, Speak was my favourite book and I talked about it day and night. I didn’t know it was a movie until I saw it on TV one day.

My next read of her’s is going to be Wintergirls. Last year, I actively started looking for more Psychological books and those focusing on mental health, suicide situations and things along those lines (I want to be a Psychologist one day- so I was trying to be as informed as I could with the means currently available to me). Laurie’s writing is phenomenal. It stays with you, I mean, it really does. Sometimes I forget a story, or the characters but with what I’ve read so far…I remember that story from beginning to end.


Laurie’s book have received a few awards over the years but I don’t just a book or an author on whether they’ve received awards or not, including the amount. I read because books make me feel better and they’re extremely educating. Speak is one of my favourite books and I’m glad that my introduction into Laurie’s works was such a good book.

I admire authors like this. The ones who make you feel like you don’t need to hide. Who urge you to speak up and express yourself. I hope that I enjoy her other works that much as well.

Laurie’s: Website | Twitter | Goodreads Page


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