eARC Book Review: Embers by Susanne Valenti

img_0591Goodreads Synopsis

Alone in the darkness, memories threaten to overwhelm him. The truth of what has happened haunts him day and night. It would be easy to let go. To forget who he was and where he came from. Easier if he didnt exist anymore at all. Every moment is a reminder of what he had and what he has lost. But there is one thing worth living for, fighting for, breathing for. He made a promise. And he intends to honour it

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Spoiler Warning! This book is impossible to talk about without spoilers and spoiling Broken (book 3) so I urge you to read books 1-3 in the Cage of Lies series if you don’t want to be spoilt. Read at your own risk.

Embers is a novella that takes place within the Cage of Lies Universe. Its best read after Broken as the book itself is a spoiler.

I’ve been missing this series so much even though I read Broken back in January. This book starts out with Coal being locked up in the city and Commander Roberts (sound familiar?) and Lucretia (ugh!) are ‘in charge’ of his…care.

Everything about Coal was, is and will always be perfect! He was as badass as I remember, which is great because I love him so much. I think this book solidified the fact that he’s my favourite character. This story made it clear how strong of a person he really is and it was funny how this other character told him that for a guy who wanted to die, he was really good at living. Shank, the character I was talking about is a dweller-which makes me skeptical but he kept Coal sane so he’s okay in my books. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing him again in the future. Commander Roberts is a *bleep* and Lucretia is an even bigger *bleep* than him. These two characters are so hateful and despicable but funnily enough they’re the ones you love to hate. Gregor…groan! This guy is just…can he die already?

What I liked about this book was well, EVERYTHING! It was all perfect and I thank Susanne for writing such amazing works. The scenery, the plot, the friggin’ execution! Perfection is what it was.

For dislikes? Not. A. Single. Thing.

And the award for the book I’m currently in love with goes too…


Read: 13 March 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

 Publication Date: 31 January 2016
Publisher: kdp
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Susanne Valenti

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