Book Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me


I totally forgot to do this and I was thinking about lists which lead to think about things I still had to do and then I started wondering what I was going to do about my non-existent future. Fun thoughts, really.

I was kind of, sort of, unofficially/officially tagged by Eunice over @Nerdy Talks Book Blog (see her post here) to do this adventurous tag. I say adventurous because I struggle with facts about myself. But CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Let’s do this!

  1. My favourite genre is Fantasy
  2. Lately I’ve been preferring ebooks to the hardcopies. I don’t know why. Although I do like the fact that I’m free to read in the dark. The lights kind of hurts my eyes.
  3. I own 263 physical books. I NEED MORE! I NEED IT LIKE THE AIR I BREATHE!
  4. I love bookstores but I don’t go to them often. Seeing so many books that I can’t buy immediately, makes me sad.
  5. I like unpredictable books. Actually, I prefer it. No really, if a book is predictable, that just ruins it for me. Why would I want to read a book when I know how it ends and I’m not even at the ending yet?
  6. I get nervous when I review books. I’ve only been doing this for about a year I think and every time I think that my review is not good enough or I could’ve added more.
  7. Comic Books are great, but the pictures distract me so I take forever to finish them.
  8. I’m not overly fond of Classics. The only classic that I could stand to re-read is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The others just bore me.
  9. I have a love/hate relationship with WWII books. As in, I hate the situations but I love reading about it/the era. I don’t know. My gran and I talk about it, and she was just born as the war was ending so she doesn’t know but we discuss it sometimes.
  10. I can read pretty fast but my short attention span stops me from finishing whole books in a day.
  11. I used to belong to a library but I haven’t stepped foot in one in 9 years. I’m pretty sure I have a hefty fine to pay for unreturned books.
  12. My bookshelf is not a bookshelf but in fact a display cabinet. It was either that for a good price, or giving out a lot of money for more than one bookshelf. Be Wise, Economise!
  13. I’m not a fan of studying or school in general but books are my education. I learn so much from them. Most of the time I sound smart because I’m quoting off books.
  14. My favourite series is The Mortal Instruments but I enjoyed The Infernal Devices a lot more.
  15. While we’re on that topic, my favourite character in TMI is Simon. Simon forever!
  16. My favourite author changes a lot. It depends on the books I read and the feelings I get while reading them. Currently, it’s Marissa Meyer.
  17. I don’t like romance books. I don’t mind a love interest here and there but if the entire book focuses on how the guy/girl can’t get the girl/guy and there’s sappy-ness and eye-rolling nonsense on every page then I’ll probably put the book down.
  18.  Buying books makes me feel better. Retail Therapy works for most people yea.
  19. I have a major love/hate relationship with vampire books. I love them but I hate them too.
  20. Let me just admit this: I’m addicted to books. Is it an obsession? Possibly.
  21. If my house was on fire I wouldn’t move because my books! The question here is: would I die for my books? Ha Ha hahaha, yes, yes I see myself being that insane.
  22. ‘I have work to do’ means ‘I’ve got books to finish/review’ in my world.
  23. I don’t push books onto people. If they don’t want to read the book, I’ll leave them alone. If they don’t read at all, that’s their thing. I try going through life not judging.
  24. I have rules and conditions on lending books: 1. Only to people I deem worthy. 2. Don’t crack the spine. 3. No dog ears. 4. Don’t bend the cover. Basically, I don’t lend out books. I do not believe that book needs to look like it’s been read. I want them to look nice and in good shapes.
  25. Books are everything to me. My passion, my collection is my pride. When I pack, the first thing I think of is what books am I going to read while I’m away.

Tag yourselves people. Do this and let’s see what things you come up with. I’d love to read your posts so tag me if you decide to do it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Book Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I kept asking my cousins what bookish things they knew about me. They weren’t any help but luckily I succeeded. Thanks again for the tag 🙂


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