Let’s Talk…Tahereh Mafi


TAHEREH MAFI! TAHEREH MAFI! TAHEREH MAFI! *Chants in the background* I know, I know. She should’ve been on the list of firsts to go up. Honestly people, as I said I don’t plan these things…I might have a list up but I don’t always write about those authors in the order they are posted.

Tahereh Mafi, the amazing human that she is, wrote the Shatter Me trilogy and its companion novels, Destroy Me and Fracture Me. Those books are amazing so if you haven’t read it yet, here’s my personal recommendation: READ IT!

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Tahereh is going from YA/Dystopian to Fairy Tale/Middle Grade. Later this year, her newest book Furthermore is set to be released in August. I’m excited to see how it all turns out.


I honestly can’t remember how I found out about Tahereh Mafi and her books, but I do remember watching Whitney from WhittyNovels rave about it because the Shatter Me Trilogy is her favourite and I trust her judgement and went ahead and bought all the books in one go.

I loved reading those books and I’d read it again if I had the time I desire so much. I honestly want to stop time for a while and just sit back with a good book and enjoy. Imagine that! When I read Tahereh’s books I feel like I’m there. I’m not reading a book that takes place in a dystopian world, I’m living it. The way she draws you in and makes you unable to put the book down is amazing. I read Shatter Me in a day because of how captivating the story was and still is.

Writing is a gift, I’ve always believed this. Sure, anyone can write, but it takes a special kind of person to round up the masses and just make them stop. Tahereh Mafi is one of these people. Her books are an experience that I personally think everyone should get to enjoy. As long as her books are out there in the world, and people are experiencing her writing, I think there’s always going to be happiness.

Tahereh’s: WebsiteTwitter | Goodreads Page



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