Random Story Time: How I resist Buying More Books

Okay, so we all have our methods on how not to buy more books and we each have different motivations for sticking to that Book Buying Ban. My technique might not work for others but I thought I’d share it anyway.


It wasn’t until 2013 when my love for books got really intense. I’m talking, 9pm, a depressed Caron and money to spare. It was then that it all started. I begged my mom to take me to the store before it closed (here, most of our stores stay open till 11pm) and bought all the Song of Ice and Fire books. I felt a lot better after that. By 2014 I was working retail for no other reason except that I was bored after I’d graduated and went to work just to have something to do. Once I got the idea that I could now spend my salary on books, I begged for extra hours. With my first paycheque I bought 12 books…and then went back for one more because I forgot to buy it. It was a bad time in my life. I know now, that I needed help.

My goal that year was to own 200 physical books and I went about making that happen. I achieved it by the way so money well spent. By 2015, I was still buying books but I had to start making better decisions. My supervisor/life coach/money manager/cousin helped me with this. I needed to have an extremely valid excuse if I wanted to buy a book. So started…The Book Buying Ban. An extremely strict one at that.


I’m still on it by the way. Not getting out of this one any time soon.

The rules:

  1. One book at a time. (I’m not insane, so I don’t follow this one)
  2. If the book is part of a trilogy/series and I have not read the previous instalment, I cannot buy the next one.

    e.g. I own Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire. I cannot buy Queen of Shadows because I have not read Heir of Fire yet.

    Understand? I think that was clear enough.

  3. I like money. (That is it. I must keep telling myself this. I like having money and buying a book will mean that I have less money.)No really. My parents do not buy books for me. They believe that nearly 300 books are enough. *Scoffs* These muggles know nothing.
  4. I stay away from bookstores. I went into one earlier in the week and I had to leave because the Harry Potter colouring books were calling out to me.
  5. try to stay away from the bookstore’s online site. I obey this rule only when it suits my fancy. I refer to rule 3 when I’m tempted to add books to my cart.

Those are basically my rules. Most of the time I’m winging it. It’s not easy and it took a lot of guilt tripping and persuasion to get to where I am now. I’m suffering inside and I just need more books. I even re-organised my bookshelves separating the Read and Unread so that I can focus on my TBR pile.

This has helped me a lot. I follow it and remember that although I want the book…do I need it? Yes I need it, but will my wallet start crying after I satisfy my book needs? Yes, that will definitely happen and I’m not going to be able to mooch off my parents forever.

Tip: Talk about books so much that people will give you either a)a bookstore voucher/gift card, b)an actual book or c)money for a book. This works. I got three belated birthday books and I loved it. There’s nothing a bookworm loves more than having their books bought for them (okay, there’s more but let’s not get into that right now).

*Source: Gif and Image taken from Google Images/Giphy


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