Book Review: The Walking Dead Vol.2: Miles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman

138396Goodreads Synopsis

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living. This volume follows our band of survivors on their tragic journey in search of shelter. Characters live and die as they brave a treacherous landscape littered with packs of the walking dead.

I read Days Gone By sometime last year and really enjoyed it but I definitely enjoyed this volume a lot more. I watch the TV show and got through the first five seasons in a week. I wanted to read the comics because I know so many things were changed.

Miles Behind Us picks up where Days Gone By left off. The gang is on the road looking for shelter and Lori is still a bit shook up after the ending events of the previous volume.

In this volume we meet a few new characters, Hershel, Maggie, Tyreese and a few others that we might be familiar with in the show. This is only the second volume of a bigger series so we’ve still got a long way to go. The fact that the world as everyone knows it is gone is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind and there’s nothing more the gang wants than to be safe and able to take care of their families.

I’ve decided to cast out my knowledge of the show for the continuation of these comics because I want to experience this in a new light. I like where the story seems to be going and once again, Robert Kirkman’s writing is amazing. The art is great as well. When I first took the plastic off my copy of Days Gone By, I was surprised to find that it was all grey tones (thanks to Cliff Rathburn), no colour at all. I like it though, it makes me go through the comic a lot faster since there’s no colours to distract me. The detail on the faces are superb. I mean look at this:

FullSizeRender 2 IMG_2652


So much is captured in one drawing. These talented people came together and created this amazing book. I look forward to continuing this series no matter how long it takes me since it currently seems never-ending.

Read: 17 February 2016
Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Publication Date: 1 April 2004
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Charlie Adlard


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