Let’s Talk…Suzanne Collins


Suzanne Collins is the author of the famous teen dystopian The Hunger Games trilogy as well as a few middle grade books: The Underland Chronicles, When Charlie McButton Lost Power, Year of the Jungle and a book in the Mystery Files of Shelby Woo series.

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The hype of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Trilogy has been high for years. Add to that they were made into movies exited everyone even more. Suzanne is of course mainly known for The Hunger Games and so, if you’ll excuse me, this post will be mostly about my knowledge of that.

I had refused to watch The Hunger Games. I honestly can’t remember why. This was pre-2013 so that means it was pre-bookworm stage. My initiation into this lovely trilogy was Thor: The Dark World. No, seriously. I dislike watching movies alone so I begged my friend to come with me. He agreed to watch The Dark World with me if I watched Catching Fire with him. I understood that this was the second movie but agreed anyway. Let me tell you guys a little something. That movie was so great, I vowed to read the books. A few days later, that same friend bought me a copy of The Hunger Games. The gold cover. Ah! It’s so pretty. The next week, I owned all three books. I watched the first movie and hated it. It barely followed the book. I stand by what I said then, Catching Fire was the best. At the time of this post, I have yet to watch Mockingjay Part 2 and refuse to go near spoilers.

By the time I left for vacation in December, the movie had already stopped showing in the cinema. I was studying for exams before that so that meant no sneaking out to watch the movie either. Funny story: I was standing in line waiting for Star Wars: The Force Awaken when I heard a guy fussing over not being able to get through to watching Mockingjay because everyone who was watching Star Wars were in his way. I had a shock about the movie but in my excitement for BB-8 (so adorable) I totally forget about Mockingjay. I now have to wait to watch it. I hope it’ll be great though because it’s the conclusion. (I’m ignoring the rumours about a prequel because man are they going to have to ‘Go big or go home’ with that one)

Sorry about this. This was basically my feelings about The Hunger Games and not about the author. Advice: don’t type with a sore wrist. The pain will get to you and you’ll write nonsense. I can’t even apologize about going off topic, I was never on the topic to start off with.

My point is that Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer. And maybe I wasn’t so impressed with the movie adaptations, her writing is the best ever and she’s on the list of my favourite authors. Catching Fire may have been my favourite of the movies, but Mockingjay was my favourite of the books. I read it three times…in one and a half years. Ha! I watching Mockingjay Part 1 alone. Talked to a stanger too. Yay for risk taking.

Apologies for this sorry excuse for a post.

Suzanne Collins’: Website | Goodreads Page


One thought on “Let’s Talk…Suzanne Collins

  1. Suzanne Collins is one of the few writers who make the story interesting with just the narration. Usually i tend to get bored with page long description but hunger games is out of the league! she is such a good author who could pull off without much dialog !

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