Book Review: Hinterkind Vol.1: The Waking World by Ian Edginton

18594657Goodreads Synopsis

The human race didn’t get a happily ever after.

After 300,000 years at the top of the food chain, it took only seven months for humanity to become an endangered species.

The Blight killed nearly everyone, and changed everything. As skyscrapers sprouted forests and wild animals took overthe deserted streets, the planet’s new rulers emerged from their age-old hiding places: elves and trolls, faeries and fauns, centaurs and satyrs–all the forgotten races behind countless myths and legends returned to reclaim the world they had lost to mankind.

Now, in a tiny village tucked away in what was once Manhattan’s Central Park, two rebellious teenagers are about to discover the true nature of the world beyond their small island home–as well as the unseen menace that threatens both human and Hinterkind alike.

Hinterkind focuses on the divide that is between human and hinterkind- creatures of myth that no one knew existed until the world was basically destroyed.

We start out with Prosper and Angus, two teenagers out hunting in the forest who are rebellious and don’t understand the meaning of ‘Don’t leave’. After running away from their town they meet a man named Jon and from there, their lives are completely turned around

I liked what this comic had to offer. It clearly showed the differences between the humans and the hinterkind, or lack of differences. I think that was the point of it all. A quote that stood out for me was:

“You’ve never been good at accepting anything other than yourselves. You even turn on each other– black, gay, jew, muslim. You look for any excuse to grind someone else under your boot heel!”

…which is true. This whole comic focused on how the world was torn apart and separated. People didn’t suddenly join up with the creatures to help repair the world. They hunted them down and some in turn, became what they seemed to hate the most.

It took me a few days to complete this but once I sat down, I read it all in one sitting. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to reading the second volume. The writing was amazing and the art work was great. All the detail that was put in the book, especially where the forest is concerned was fantastic.

Read: 1 February 2016
Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Publication Date: 2 October 2013
Publisher: Vertigo
Writer: Ian Edginton
Illustrator: Francesco Trifogli



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