Movie/TV Show vs Book (#1) : The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Book
93261The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a short story written by Washington Irving and first published in 1820. Wow, that’s a long time ago. My entire family wasn’t even an idea yet! Sleepy Hollow was said to have quite a bit of popularity especially during the Halloween time.
(Found some info on Wikipedia)

I read this book last year long after I had watched the movie. The book was filled with some action, a bit of confusion and of course, the headless horseman. I was honestly surprised at how tiny it was. I paid a bit extra for the prettier cover but when I saw that it was just about 50 pages, I thought that I had been robbed. Oh well, it was easier to cart around during my readings.

Granted, I did not get those chills while reading as we are well into the 21st Century and technology can do amazing things. I liked the book, it didn’t take me ages to read it and I’m glad I ended up reading it.

The Movie


Source: Image taken from Google Images

I only watched the 1999 film adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…sorry, I’ll say ‘Sleepy Hollow’ from now on because time and lack of interest. So yes, I only watched that version because no.1 Johnny Depp and no.2 Tim Burton. I would go further back but I’ve noticed that sometimes, if a movie’s too old, I don’t want to watch it. I thought the movie was perfect. This was way more thrilling than the book and the details that were put in to make this supposed Horror come to life was fantastic. I think I watched this at 2am the first time and jumped a few times because hello, a man was riding around on a horse without a head.

Just a bit about the TV Show. I love it and I’m still watching it and I understand that because it’s a TV Show they have to take detours and I don’t mind. I like what’s being done with the show. Also, that inner bookworm anger that usually comes out when a Movie/TV Show does not match the book becomes null and void (mostly) when the book is so old. As I said, it’s the 21st Century. Stick to the story, but make it so that people will actually watch, am I right?

The Decision

Although I loved the book, the movie and the TV Show, I would have to say that I like the TV Show more.

For me the book was so short and when I ended it I was wishing for more. The movie was 2 hours of my life. Only 2 hours. I needed more. The show though, it’s expanding the story and giving me more. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live in that world, be it the past or the present of the TV Show, but here the show takes the cake.


So there you have it folks. Thanks for reading. I really hope this ends up being what I imagine it could be.

-Caron xx



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