New to the blog (technically #2)

  • Currently Reading

A weekly post since most of the time I’m reading something new every week. On the sidebar of my blog I have 3 books featured as Currently Reading but I’m usually reading more than that.

  • Goodreads Challenges

I’ve already posted about this and this is just here as an informer.

**Update: The challenges I joined will be all for this year. I was thinking of joining more but I don’t want to fill up my plate too much lest I don’t finish what I started.

  • DNF’d

Thankfully I don’t have a lot of books on this list. I think we’re at five now and I’m hoping one of them will be moved to the ‘Read’ shelf since I believe it deserves a second chance.

This will just be an extra page added to the blog with the book listed and my reason for DNF-ing it. Link is here.

  • My Most Treasured Books

I got this idea when I looked at this book the other day and immediately wrote it down. This won’t be consistent since once I pick books I really love it’s difficult for me to ‘knock them off the shelf’ so to speak. I’d say I’d save it for the end of the year, but what if I don’t feel the same at the end as I did in the beginning? The reading experience should be shared, me thinks. We shall see how this plays out. I have to put my love of procrastination on the table as well. Procrastination I love, but I never make promises I can’t keep.

  • Bookshelf Tour  – Total, Read, TBR, Organisation (pics incl.)

It’s pretty clear what this is. This will only be once a year thing since my bookshelf doesn’t change much and I don’t buy a lot of books throughout the year. I kind of dislike change and I’m very particular about how my bookshelves are arranged so I rarely change it up. No, not even for fun.

  • New Featured Images

Book Review

wrap up


Let's Talk

Currently Reading

Expected releases

Movie vs Book

Random Story Time

Book Haul

It’s pretty obvious what each one is so I don’t think I need to go through them all individually.

  • Movies/TV Show vs Book (Fortnightly-alt. Let’s Talk)

This is a loop hole for me. I want to talk about movies and/or TV shows but without making my blog a book and movie blog. So I’ll do comparisons of books and movies. This will also help me in watching more movies and maybe read more books. Gives me a reason to read Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang, since I’m not too big on memoirs and biographies.

I’m thinking that these posts can alternate with my Let’s Talk posts. So the Monday’s where I don’t post Let’s Talk, I’ll post a Movie/TV Show vs Book. I might think of a name for these as well. I need time to watch the movies and TV shows. For the TV shows I’ll start with the ones which I’ve already read the books of. (**Note: It might only be movies for the first few because it’s better to talk about a TV show once there’s at least a full season. Also, not everyone watches a show as soon as it premieres.)

  • Random Story Time:

I think I’ll just lease these under the Random Story Time heading. They’re mostly random posts and can pop up anytime. Probably on the same day i.e Fridays, but it too won’t be consistent. If I have a story to tell, there’ll be a post to show for it. My dad says I never shut up and my mom says I always have something to say. So this should be a breeze for me.

What a long post! Thanks for reading peoples. I look forward to your feedback once the posts go up. 🙂

Happy Reading

-Caron xx



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