Goodreads Challenges I’ve joined in 2016

This is a new post, yes. I have not mentioned it before because I just got the idea for it. I’ll tell you what challenges I’ve joined and then update you as the year goes on in case there’s anything to add.

I assume it’s obvious what this entails. I didn’t manage to finish last year but I hope to do so this year. This year I opted for Characters, in which I read a book and dedicated a character’s first or last name to it’s respective letter. You get the gist.

Each month a new genre is chosen and posted and we’re challenged to read a book from that genre. This is fun and awesome and totally not as easy as it sounds especially if you only read certain types of books. I think of this as a way to broaden my reading horizons.

This starts from January and lasts throughout the year. With this, we see how many authors that are new to us we can read. There are different levels and I’ve decided to see how many I can read.

For this challenge the group is aiming to reach a million pages. That’s it basically.

There were other challenges I wanted to join but either it’s too late in the month and I can’t add any more books to my TBR or there was something else.

**Note: Please don’t copy these challenges and claim them for your own. These people work hard thinking of them and others enjoy them as they are. ‘Borrowing’ without permission is stealing.

My Goodreads Page: Caron.
New friends and followers are always welcome. I love discussing books with people. 🙂



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