Let’s Talk…Marissa Meyer

Marissa is the author of one of the most awesome series (in my opinion) ever. She wrote The Lunar Chronicles which are retellings of famous fairytales. She also wrote pieces in the anthologies: Modied: Cyborgs, Mutants, and Dystopia and Fierce Reads: Kisses and Curses and Fierce Reads Anthology


Marissa Meyer’s new books are set to be released in 2016. An untitled series will be published and three other books; one being a standalone and the others, anthologies.


I started reading The Lunar Chronicles after the hype for Cinder had settled a bit. I bought the first three books in one go and let it sit on my shelves before I actually picked it up. When I did decided to read them I finished them in a period of a month. Cinder wasn’t my favourite but the books definitely got better as each new one was released. You can see my reviews for the first three books in The Lunar Chronicles here: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress.

A while ago I had decided to give up on retellings, not because they weren’t good…some of them are amazing, Exhibit A *gestures wildly to The Lunar Chronicles* but not all of them are good. I have learned that if I didn’t like the original story, I should put a lot of thought into reading a retelling. My favourite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast and while that story doesn’t feature in this series, I liked Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel growing up.

Marissa Meyer takes those fairytales that most of us grew up with and makes them her own. She keeps the idea of the original but changes it enough to fit the plot line. I feel that she is a really gifted writer. I haven’t read a fairytale in years, but reading these retellings made me feel like I was reliving my childhood in the most amazing way.

I haven’t read any of Marissa’s other books. I plan on finishing The Lunar Chronicles in the year- I can’t believe it’s over!- and I hope to look into Heartless. I didn’t like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. I don’t know what about it that made me dislike it but I came out of it annoyed. I’ve read a retelling or two from different authors and I didn’t enjoy those either. I’m still going to give Heartless a chance, knowing that it’s an Alice in Wonderland retelling, but if Marissa Meyer can make me pity the wolf from Red Riding Hood, I’m sure she’ll me able to change my mind concerning little Alice.

Ever feel like ‘this is it’ and then you open another door and there’s so much more to be experienced? Yea, that’s how I felt when I went through Marissa’s Goodreads Page. I want to read all her works. They all sound so amazing and I want to experience them over and over. Marissa Meyer is a gift to the writing world and I feel it’s our job to keep her writing alive. She makes me believe that anything is possible. She makes me feel like a child again. And in this world, feeling/being a kid without the knowledge of what’s really out there is the best thing that could happen right now.

Marissa Meyer’s: Website | Goodreads Page | Twitter


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