Book Review: Deadpool Vol.6: Original Sin by Brian Posehn

22259499 Goodreads Synopsis

ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! Agent Preston follows a trail of secrets from Deadpool’s past that leads her to a surprising situation requiring immediate attention. Deadpool has — a daughter! And there’s much more to her life than meets the eye! But Deadpool is up to his neck fighting off Dracula’s forces — and he’s recruited a time-displaced Dazzler to help him do it! Even with her help, can Deadpool escape the gnawing fangs of the undead in time to safeguard his own flesh and blood? And where did his daughter even come from? Flash back to the grim and gritty 1990s as we learn the very darkest secret of Deadpool’s dark past! Guest-starring ’90s Sabretooth and ’90s Alpha Flight! Collecting DEADPOOL (2012) #29-34.

This volume of Deadpool is an Original Sin tie-in. I want to read all of the comics that are Original Sin related because of the few that I could find, I’ve seen that the plot is quite interesting.

I’m fairly new to the world of Deadpool. I’d heard of him before but I didn’t think of looking into his story line until I read a strip one night when I couldn’t sleep. Deadpool is in my top 5 favourite Marvel characters. It took one issue for him to secure spot no.4 and I’m not planning on looking back.

In this volume we’re uncovering more of Deadpool’s past. In other issues and/or volumes, his past is brought up but he brushes them off as is Deadpool fashion. He can’t escape his decisions of the past in this one and I feel that he actually tried to help and not because he was bored.

Once again Brian Posehn along with Gerry Duggan have outdone themselves. I’ve read a few of their other individual works and they are of my favourite writers so far. This storyline broke me but you can’t get away from that Deadpool humour, which if you think about it, isn’t all that funny. Sometimes, most times it’s pretty dark. Deadpool may wear his bunny slippers, but he is by no means a soft character. I liked that even though I wanted to hug him and never let go, I was constantly reminded that everywhere Deadpool goes, danger follows. The artwork was amazing and I’ve noticed that with these Marvel NOW! issues, everything just seems better. The art doesn’t hurt my brain and it’s really a pleasure to look at. I’m anxious to get to the next volume of Deadpool.

Read: July 2015
Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Publication Date: 9 December 2014
Publishers: Marvel
Writers: Brian PosehnGerry Duggan
Illustrators: John Lucas | Scott Koblish | Mark Brooks




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