Today marks a new year for many people and also a brighter future. Some of us have resolutions set out for us. Some of us prefer not to be goal oriented. It’s okay. You do you, darling. The point is that a new year has arrived and with it, new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to go out there and show the world who you can be. Be proud of who you are. It is important to remember that other peoples’ opinions of you don’t make you who/what you are. You do that all by yourself. Then again, we all want a little approval here and there. Just don’t go overboard. It’s your life.

There are many challenges that quite a few of us have to face. There will be happy times, great moments that you’ll remember till you chilling in grave. There will be sad moments, that I can guarantee. But what is life worth living if not for each moment we go through? Embrace your inner, beauty, your inner bookworm, nerd, geek, fashionista, whatever you want to be. It’s who you want to be and that’s what’s important. Everything else is just an obstacle in the road that will ultimately lead you to where you want to be.

So there we go. That marks my first official post of the year. It’s not book related but I feel that everyone needs that little push. Sometimes I feel the new year approaching and I want to hide, but I’m always dragged out.

I hope your year is great and you learn things this year. Make friends, experience great things. I consider a trip the the outside dumpster an adventure. Go out there and find your metaphorical dumpster. Have a happy 2016! 😀


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