2015 Book Haul

Trying something new. Since I started this blog in August, I couldn’t really do a bi-annual book haul, but I can do this one and start this ‘segment’ next year June and then every 6 months. You catch my drift.

I bought a total of 46 books this year. That’s a surprise actually. I find it funny compared to last year. My goal of 2014 was to own 200 physical books by December 31st, so I found myself in the bookstore every week. I literally got a job because my parents refused to give me money for more books.

The list is in the order of when the books were bought. I know this because I keep my receipts. My dad’s an accountant. I was raised to always know how much I was spending.

Currently Reading

6280118 14759651

My plan was to finish these before the year was up but meh. If I do, that’s great. If I don’t…oh well.


8717323 20493673 11988046 821163 10025305 93261 16101023 21969786 19547856 22465597 138398 222594991 23575225 16002134 17849112 15792316 

16009694 17929637 16303287 26968129

I’ve read quite a few of the haul this year. Almost half of them. I’ve reviewed most of them. You can see the list here.


21480930 700817 10441 19041158 17284730 10917 2429135 1953

13512700 834713 10964 15984379 138396 22095206 24874353

24874320 24874317 24874318 24702258 24874449 24874303 6778160

17227209 18594657

Clearly all the classics I bought this year are unread. Classics take me a bit longer to read than books written in most recent years. They’re not always boring but I think it has to do with the times and the adventures in there aren’t as exciting as the adventures we see now. I’ll push through all of these though.



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