Book Review: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

Goodreads Synopsis

Who could tell the true stories of the gods and goddesses of Olympus better than modern-day demigod?

In this action-packed tour of Greek mythology, Percy gives his hilarious personal views on the feuds, fights and love affairs of the Olympians.

Want to know how Zeus came to be top god? How many times Kronos ate one of his own kids? How Athena literally burst out of another god’s head?

It’s all here in black and white. . .

Okay so I imagine this would’ve been even cooler if I had the illustrated edition but this was just as good! The pictures would’ve ended up distracting me anyway. Could we please take a moment to marvel at the awesomeness that is both Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson? Who are we kidding, we’re going to need a lot more than a moment. Take forever, if you need to.

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods is about the Gods…clearly. It’s on the cover. We don’t hear much about the gods in the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus seriously because let’s face it, it’s not about them. Naturally, we were curious to know about how these awesome heroes came to be.

From the origins to the stories we’ve heard while sipping on nectar at the dining table, its all there. The bad monsters and the gods we can bear to stand…sometimes.

I like the way Percy (Rick Riordan) took us through everything. I certainly didn’t make the story boring. Who genuinely likes sitting through a lecture listening to gods who may or may not have had a hand in that unfortunate incident that happened to you a few years ago right? Percy makes it fun. You want to carry on reading because you know that he’s only just getting started.

I loved every moment of this book (even though it took me a while to read it). I’m quite looking forward to reading Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes and then working my way through the entire Rick Riordan collection because why not. One thing that will reign true: It’s never a dull moment with Percy Jackson.

Read: 1 November 2015
Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Publication Date: 19 August 2014
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: Rick Riordan


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