Let’s Talk…Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is the author of one of the best series (in my opinion) ever! He wrote the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (along with it’s companions) and later, the spin-off series The Heroes of Olympus. Both series focuses on Greek Mythology and the demigods who are the Gods’ children. The Percy Jackson series was written for a younger audience- middle-grade- whereas Heroes of Olympus tends to lean more to the mid to late teenage range. Rick also wrote The Kane Chronicles which focuses on Egyptian Mythology. Rick even did crossovers of Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles. That’s certified fanfiction in my book. I find it amazing. The first book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (The Sword of Summer) recently came out. That as stated, focuses on Asgard -Norse Mythology. Mythology is a genre I’ve been interested in for a while now, so naturally, I had to get my hands on Rick’s books. (And to think I said I wasn’t interested in reading Percy Jackson. For shame)


You’d think that that would be enough for the fans (myself included) of Rick Riordan and his work. Once again, as long as the author is willing to give us more, we’ll accept it all with arms wide open. The first book in the new The Trails of Apollo series is set to be released next year. All I can say is, Apollo is made human. Sign me up!


So let’s see, it all started about seven years ago. Yes, let’s go with that. My memory sucks. The Percy Jackson series was all the rage in the playground. Every kid and his uncle was reading it. I wasn’t into reading as much back then so I shook my head and carried on walking. Fast forward to when I was a senior in high school and this girl in the bus was reading the series and she was flying through these books faster than you can say ‘cheese on a cracker’. She told me to read them and I was like ‘No, excuse you. I don’t want to.’ I forgot about the conversation and it wasn’t long after my graduation when I sat down in the living room with some tea and turned on the TV. Lo and behold, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was on TV. I sat down and watched it till the end. Funny story, turns out I watched the movie back when it was released. The irony was not lost on me. I went to the bookstore a few days later and bought the entire series. I finished the books in a week and went in search for more Rick Riordan books. That is my Percy Jackson initiation story thing.

It is no secret that Rick Riordan is one of my favourite authors. His stories have dug a hole so deep into our hearts, I’m sure many have given up even trying to cover it up. I’ve always admired the way he writes his characters. It’s as if they’re talking to you and making sure you understand where they’re at before they take you on the next adventure. I find it hard to believe that I could be disappointed by anything written by Rick Riordan. I won’t lie and said all of his books I read were masterpieces in my eyes. We’re being realistic over here. He’s amazing, but all awesome people sway a bit.

Before I roll off the face of the Earth rambling about Rick Riordan, bless his soul, let’s be clear that he is awesome and amazing and his writing makes me happy and I’m suddenly getting this urge to re-read The Blood of Olympus. Too bad I don’t have time before the year’s up. Oh well, next year then.

This ramble was kindly brought to you by a sleep deprived, exhausted because of packing, nearing writer’s block, yet excited all the same, fangirl.

Rick Riordan’s Goodreads | Website | Twitter


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