Book Review: Dawn of the Dreamer by L.J. Higgins

Goodreads Synopsis

The year 2023, the world had changed. The MultiMind Corporation had released a Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host’s skin. Dreams were no longer created by the subconscious. However, there were those for whom this technology failed to work on: the Dreamers.

Amelia was a Dreamer, and the veil of ignorance was lifted when she met someone who helped her see through the lies and secrets. With her world shaken and changed, Amelia had to decide whether to fight for truth and the freedom to dream or remain bound by a controlled and manipulative society.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Dawn of the Dreamer is a story about how the world is being controlled by the MultiMind Corporation through microchips implanted in the wrist. The world is seemingly divided into two: The Non-Dreamers (‘normal’ people) and the Dreamers. Being a Dreamer in this new world means that something is wrong with you and it needs to be fixed. Amelia, being a Dreamer volunteers to go to the MMC so that they can figure out where the problem is, only she meets people who allow her to see that maybe the MMC was lying and used the Wristcuffs as a means of controlling the minds of Non-Dreamers.

Amelia in my opinion was a bit impressionable. She meets a guy and him along with his aunt tells her about how the MMC is trying to control people. I felt that she believed the story way too easily and with nothing to fall back on. I also found her selfish and in my opinion she kept forgetting that she wasn’t the only one in the world.

I wasn’t feeling this story a few chapters in already and I feel that the love triangle made it worse. It was unnecessary and could have been forgone. I didn’t relate to any of the characters and the ‘exciting’ or ‘action’ scenes were a bit of a ‘meh’ occasion for me. The main big scene, that climax, was extremely anti-climatic for me.

I had to force myself to finish this book and because I lost interest less than halfway through, it made it more difficult for me to finish. I honestly didn’t enjoy this read. It was a downer for me.

Read: 10 November 2015
Rating: ✮✮

Publication Date: 21 January 2015
Link to Author’s Goodreads Page: L.J. Higgins


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