NaNoWriMo: Week 4 – Finale


So today marks the fourth week as well as the last day for NaNoWriMo 2015. Have you succeeded in writing 50,000 words this month? Yes? Great! No? Also great. As each day passed and I saw that I was not reaching the daily goals, I shrugged and let it go. No use crying over spilt milk right? As I was saying, I don’t think that 50,000 words is what was important. The fact that you came out and wrote something is what counts. You had an idea and you put pen to paper- so to speak. That was the idea all along. The NaNo family encourages creativity and work very hard in helping us all feel that we have that big ‘W’ (for Writer) on our chest. I feel like a writer. I am a writer. The fact that we can all come out a few times a year -not that you’re restricted to only those times. By all means, when inspiration comes knocking, invite it in and allow it to stay for tea- to rejoice in the world of writing and allow our idea to bleed out onto paper -or whatever you use to write- is a time I cherish. I do not take part in the NaNo parties always but I enjoy myself when I allow myself to let go.

I have not written anything in these past 3 days but that’s okay. I had made my peace with my word count of 16,331 words. To think, a week ago I was genuinely crying because I knew I wasn’t going to reach 50K.

The point is, whether you have written less than 100 words or more, the fact that you allowed your imagination to run away, that you let your ideas be known and as long as you had fun, that is what is important. Write more, experience your characters emotions, live as they live.

Thank you for being around with me this NaNoWriMo. Here’s to hoping I don’t chicken out next year.


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