Let’s Talk…Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is the author of the wid ely known Delirium Trilogy and its companion novellas. She has written some stand-alones and joined in writing quite a few anthologies.


Panic was the first book I read from Lauren Oliver. I read it earlier this year as part of a buddy read. I had already decided beforehand that I would not be reading the Delirium trilogy -which is something that I need to stop doing. I always end up reading those books anyway. I liked Panic a lot and the very next month I jumped on the Delirium train. I’ve read up to Pandemonium and two of the novellas in between, with the exception of Alex (#1.1). Lauren Oliver is also the author of my second favourite book of this year: Vanishing Girls. That might change because I read so many books each year it’s not easy to have a favourite and stick to it. It’ll always remain on my Top 10 though. That’s a given.

Lauren Oliver comes from a family of writers and I find that so amazing. The art of taking an idea and expanding it to make a story and create worlds that can only be imagined is a talent. To be surrounded by others who love doing what you love must feel so complete and comforting. There’s that understanding and acknowledgement that what you do is important.

Lauren Oliver’s writing style is so great and never ceases to amaze me. I’ve stopped factoring the time period of how long it takes me to finish a book into the rating. I took a month to finish Pandemonium and I still liked it. Maybe I’ll stray off the path a bit but I feel like I’ll always come back to Lauren’s writing. She does it for me. Whatever ‘it’ is.

I don’t have much to say about Lauren right now but know that I think she’s a great author and her imagination and creative thinking is up there with the awesome things.

Lauren Oliver’s Goodreads | Website


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