NaNoWriMo: Week 2


So I’ve barely written this week. I stopped reaching my daily goals the end of last week and I haven’t managed to get up there again. I’m hoping this week will fair better for me. I’d go to class and came home late at night and just wrote a few words so that my word count could be updated.


I recently broke 14,000. I still feel like this story is going somewhere but the other day I had this horrifying thought that my end game wasn’t going to work. Then inspiration hit and I seem to have opened up a pathway for me. I am now at 14,798 and I hope to raise that number. I really want to hit 50,000 words this year.

Writing Badges earned this week:

Personal Achievement Badges earned this week:

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I kind of forgot. A lot’s been going through my mind this week. I’ve barely written which I’m not too pleased about. On Day 12, I neglected to update my word count so now I will not receive that ‘Update Word Count 30 Days in a row’ badge. So I’m about 12,000 words behind and I don’t know anymore. Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll almost make it. I’m still going for it though. As long as I don’t give up right?


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