NaNoWriMo: Week 1


Can you believe it’s only been a week? This year went so fast but I feel like the universe and fate gave us grace this month. Maybe like, ‘Hey, it’s the second last month of the year. These people have so much to do. Let’s give them a break and slow down time a bit.’ In my first hour I achieved 2,387 words. I already had some written from a rough draft and was satisfied so I added it to the piece.


I am currently at 13,033 words out of the 50,000. It’s only 300 under my daily goal for Day 8 but it’s okay. I am happy with how much I was able to write in this short time. Doing a few NaNoSprints a day really helped me. Go check out the NaNoWordSprints twitter page.

Writing Badges Earned This Week:


Personal Achievement Badges Earned This Week:


So that’s been my week. I’ve been focusing on packing and moving so most of the time I was sneaking away to write to fill my daily quota. I started with writing almost 3000 words a day. I now write just above 1000. I don’t mind though. Writing’s writing. I mean, I wrote 91 words total on Friday and that was fine.

Good luck with the rest of your writing guys. I’ll pop in again next week with a NaNo update. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to reach that 50,000,000 word goal. That’s where it’s at!


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