Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. My thoughts and Opinions

So this is pretty old news now -funnily enough even though it’s been 2 days approximately- but Stephenie Meyer released a new book Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined which is basically Twilight, just rewritten. The difference about this story is that it’s completely genderswapped. All the females are males and vice versa.

This book was released to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the release of Twilight in 2005. Yes! I’m shocked too. It’s been that long. I found out about this through Facebook. When I read the article it was said that the book was still to be expected. I never thought that it’d be out when I got home later that day. The book is a dual combination of Twilight and Life and Death. Starts out with the new story and if you flip the book over and and turn it around, you’ll find Twilight. I read it was edited a bit too, Wordings and things like that.

This book has barely been out for two days and already it’s gotten so much hate. I’m one of those who try not to judge a book by it’s cover and I for one am looking forward to reading this book.

Not to be hypocritical, but I hated this series. A lot. I loved it back in 2008-9 when everybody was reading it and I legit screamed when Edward made his entrance in the movie. Jacob’s famous removal of his shirt after Bella makes that stupid decision to become an adrenalin junkie made me melt in my seat (my boyfriend at the time swore that he was going to go to the gym because me drooling over Jacob’s muscles was getting to him). Back to the topic at hand, I’ve gotten over the hate. I read all 5 books (Yes, five books. People tend to forget about Bree Tanner’s story. It was pretty good in my opinion. I’ve already read the 12 or so chapters of Midnight Sun) and I watched all the movies. I went away for vacation and couldn’t watch Eclipse while I was gone. Because of the rising hate I was too embarrassed to watch it in the cinemas when I got back 3 weeks later. I did complete the saga though and have re-watched Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 repeatedly. It’s the only parts I could stand watching again and again without getting tired of it.

I’ve read reviews, gone through BookTube, scrolled through Instagram and read tweets on twitter and not all the things I saw were positive and/or good. Some of them were downright mean. I was nearly swayed and almost changed my mind about reading this book but I’m going to put aside that social embarrassment that made me hate the series and read the ever loving daylights outta this book!

I know that I haven’t mentioned anything about Midnight Sun and that’s what most people are pissed about; the fact that Stephenie Meyer could rewrite Twilight with different genders and not finish Midnight Sun. She said it was on hold indefinitely and she might get back to it. I’ll wait. I’m a fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. I may have just started it last year but I still have to wait for Book 6 like everyone else. I can wait for Midnight Sun if Stephenie Meyer ever decides to finish it. No problem there. If she doesn’t, that’s her choice. I’d rather read work that was given willingly than work that had to be forced out of someone.

Get Life and Death on Amazon here
Goodreads Link here
Stephenie Meyer’s Goodreads Page
Stephenie Meyer’s Website

Unfortunately the book is only available in the dual format at the moment. No news yet about it being published/sold separately.


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