Wrap Up: September 2015 (and October TBR)

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Breakout by Kevin Scott Olson

This is a short story in the Micheal Quinn series. It has quite a bit of detail and reads almost like a full length novel. I look forward to continuing this series. Full Review here.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

This story was part of my childhood. I remember going out before halfway through the movie and coming home to that twist and I cried and never watched it again because I thought it was cruel. Still, I’m glad I took the time to finish this amazing book. Full Review here.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

A classic that should be cherished for all times. I watched the Johnny Depp movie adaptation and I watch the TV series as well. The shows and the book hardly have anything in common but it still stays with most of the original story. Great read.

Cress by Marissa Meyer

An amazing third instalment in the Lunar Chronicles. Great character development as well as the new introduction to characters we hadn’t gotten a chance to meet yet. A five star read! Full Review here.

RunLoveKill Vol.1 by Jonathan Tsuei 

Rain Oshiro was an assassin for The Origami who defected and now she’s on the run because after years in hiding, they’ve finally found her. I enjoyed this comic book and think it has promise. Full Review here.

Invisible Republic Vol.1 by Gabriel Hardman

This book is set in the future and has flashbacks into the past. Babb, a reporter, finds out hidden secrets of the former dictator, Arthur McBride and aims to reveal the truth to the world. Review to come soon.

The Dresden Files: Down Town by Jim Butcher

A great story even for someone who has no previous knowledge into this world. I enjoyed it tremendously and will definitely be looking forward to reading the full series. Review to come soon.

Breaking the Chains by Ioana Visan

This story focuses on Ms. V and her ‘bond’ to Lu – Lucifer. This is quite a short story but I happened to like it a lot. This may be offensive to people who are sensitive to religious topics. Good book either way. Full review here.

Descender Vol.1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire

Robots and the future. That’s basically it. There was a lot going on in this comic book and sometimes it was hard to see where it was going but I like the way Jeff Lemire brought it forward. Review to come soon.


 Split Second by Kasie West

An amazing book that needs to be loved and cared for and read over and over again. Perfect ending to this duology. Kasie West is an amazing writer and I’m definitely reading her other books as well. Full review here.

More Than This by Patrick Ness

Don’t ask questions. Just go read it. Full review here.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 by Robbie Morrison

Amazing comic book about the Twelfth Doctor and the adventures he has with his companion, Clara. Writing style was great and the art work was to die for. Review to come soon.

Believarexic by JJ Johnson

This is an autobiography of JJ Johnson’s time in hospital when she was 15. A great read and really highlights the importance recovery. Full review here.

World After by Susan Ee

This is the sequel to Angelfall (review here) and takes place almost immediately after those events. I loved where this took us and the development of the plot and the characters as well. Review to come soon.

That makes 5 ARCS, 2 R2Rs, 1 Comic Book and 6 Novels. Total of 14 books read. Comic Books are books too, shush you!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.25.06 AM

I don’t really have a TBR for October so I’m just going to focus on finishing the books I’m currently reading.


For the Goodreads Genre Challenge, the genre for October is Zombie. I’ll be reading:

Goodreads R2R:


ARCs I really need to get through:


Okay, so maybe I do have a TBR set out for the month. Oh well. Looks like I’m heading towards a busy month. Good Luck and happy reading!👍 😀


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